Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This one's a keeper

So we have decided that Stanley can have a room and free roam at this place. Well not exactly a room, perhaps a corner of a bed, or my entire half on some nights to which I am then clinging on to the side of my king mattress so that I do not fall off. I think that maternally in my sleep induced coma, my mind thinks he is a child and it tells my body to move over so that I do not smother. None the less. I would love for Stanley to sleep with Kendall. However. Most nights before bedtime we all snuggle in our bed. And so Stanley is included in this ritual, or we watch him race around the perimeter of the bed yelping and trying to jump up.

By the time it is bedtime Stanley is dead asleep and snoring, and I mean snoring away to his heart's content. I repeat his name a few times, most times he doesn't even move, occasionally he will lift his head, look at me, and then plop it right back down. Then I think to myself, as he attempts to burrow in my blankets, it's better for me to endure this then Kendall, he would wake her up too, and have you ever seen Kendall when she is lacking sleep? It's worse then a horror movie, it's worse then the child's head who is spinning around and her eyes are red and her hair is all over the place. It's worse then that. I promise you.

We have adjusted to life with a dog. And I tell you, this dog is spoiled. No, no, he is. I think part of me feels bad for him because he had to leave his family. Well I suppose he didn't have to, but it was an ideal situation for all parties involved. So I feel this sense that I need to make it up to him. That is specifically why I am not a good candidate for human adoption. A dog is one thing.

So on most days Stanley comes with us. Well not to the store or the library or something like that, I don't pretend he is a seeing eye dog, of course. But if we are going to the farm or my parents, he is included. He already races around the house at top speed like he won a lifetime supply of bacon if I even ask him if he wants to go to the farm. No, now don't go thinking I give him bacon. I don't, get off my back. But to him and his little legs it is acres and acres of sweet freedom, with lots of cats to harass, lots of holes in the grass to stick his head into, and lots of friends to make.

And Stanley is a good dog. You can tell he is a tightly trained soldier, thanks Trip. Because pugs have the reputation of being crazy kooks. I think there are a few wires up there that aren't connected, and it is the humans job to rewire. Stanley of course, has selective hearing, but if you persist, and just as Cesar, the dog whisperer says, show the dog he is not the master, then things will work out splendidly. Not that I watch the dog whisperer, I think he was on Oprah once, and you know me and Oprah. Tight. Like I started at 45 times repeating, 'Sit Down Stanley,' before he would sit. Now we are down to like 25 or so. It's progress. He is excellent with the kids, and loves being around them, so we are happy with him, and my ocd is on overdrive thanks to his little white hairs. We have it under control, I am thinking about a central vac, how easy would that be?

So where did Stanley come from? He came from friends of ours from college. Andy used to play soccer with Trip, and Jess and Trip were dating, and then married. I mean we were at their wedding. Did you know they tore down that place Jess? Our home is right around the corner from there. Anyway. Trip and Jess went on to own Charles, an english bulldog, whom I absolutely adored when getting to visit with them and race around the house with him, and get Trip all agitated for winding his dog up. So Trip and Jess went on to have 4 little girls. Not all at one time of course, but 4 little girls that are the mirror images of their mother. So cute. Now Trip, Jess, and the girls, have plans to plant a church out in California. Could you imagine? Packing up your entire lives, 4 little girls and two dogs, and moving clear across the country? In order to make it a little easier, they need to find a home for one of the dog, and two of the girls. Kidding. They just thought it would be easier to do this entire thing without Stanley. He is young, clearly adaptable, and he was the low man on the totem pole. Again, kidding. It was a vote, he lost, the tribe spoke. I mean really, everyone knows Charles pulls rank.

Really though, they looked for a home with kids, a place that wouldn't shake him up too much. Andy replied to some comment Jess made on Facebook, and the next thing you know, Stanley is here.
He has really been on me to get on here and blog to the girls, most especially Victoria, his dear pal, and so without further ado. Hold on I have to go find him, he just chased Lily up the stairs again, I am sure they are under a bed again having a staring contest.

To my dear sweet friend Victoria...and all the other curly headed girls...

Hi everyone!

I am able to sit a write a brief little diddy on here to you. So excited to be able to blog, many of the new things I am doing here at my new home.

I miss all of you! Does Charles miss me? Tell the old man I said hello. There is no one else here who snorts like me as good old Charles did. Well, the man of the house here and I have snoring competitions each night, but that's different.

One thing I get to have here is small bites to eat from Eukanuba. Can you believe it? My jaw isn't so sore anymore. It's fabulous. And get this, I got to go to the store with them to pick it up. Can you imagine me? In a store? I did it, what an adventure.

This house is just as loud as yours, and so I fit in here just fine.

I also have been spending a lot of time at this family's grandparents farm. Let me tell you about that. It is so much fun, I race around that property like I am a deer in a meadow, or there is a bee up my bottom. It is so much fun. The cats there of course do not like me at all, but that is ok. I think they might be jealous.

Because Melissa says I smell like a dog, I got a bath the other night. I taught her. She might as well have just gotten in there with me, she was soaked.

I think I am growing on Lily. Her food bowl was moved next to mine, and she doesn't spend as much time on high surfaces as she used to. Sure she hisses at me and will swat once in awhile, but I am starting to think that it is because she secretly loves me.

I hope that we can come to visit you sometime. This family is just as busy as yours and so they are always on the go, most of the time I go with them. Sticking my head out the window while driving is one of my most favorite things to do. So as their schedule calms down, I know a visit there is on the top of the list.

How is school? Are you doing well? Don't pick your nose in the classroom ok? That would just look silly.

Well I need to go and ring the bells I just ate, you know what that means.

I hope you all are doing really well. I know I am, I have even made a few friends.

Love, Stanley


paradox said...

VIctoria is at school right now but Noell, Joscelin and I are reading your blog. thank you so much. I tell you it brought tears to my eyes! Toria says every day she misses him. I feel bad. it is just what we had to do. Maybe we can come up one saturday or sunday and watch him run around the farm. It would be nice for her to see him having such a good time! Thanks for the blog! It is precious to us to hear he is doing so well. I will read the one to victoria and she will laugh and cry a bit :)

andy said...

don't worry jess....i was crying too when i read stanley's note to the girls!

paradox said...

dear stanley<
I hope you can come soon. When are you going to come up to us? I miss you alot. Charles is good but most every night he hops on my bed, with help from Mommy. and I hope you can come really soon. I really, really want to hug you Stanley. Charles is a nice dog but he is not hyper anymore so sometimes we hug him alot cause he's not hyper. And he snores alot. And he licks alot before i go to bed so I don't really get alot of sleep. I like Charles but I really, really miss you Stanley. Maybe you can come really soon. Because you're my puppy. The Finks are taking care of you now. But if we took you away the kids would be sad. Last night Charles was staring at me for a piece of bread. He got five pieces and he ate them up. And last night he gave me a high five. And after the high five he lay down on the ground flat like he was dead.
Love From Victoria (5 yrs old)
PS. Remember your birthday is Jan 19th just like me!

paradox said...

Dear Stanley,
I hope you have a fun life living at the Finks house. I hope you like their house. I hope you can come here soon. We love you very much.
Love From Ellie (7 yrs old)

paradox said...

Dear Finks,
We thank you that you are taking so much care of Stanley.

Charles and stanley love each other. they are best pals for ever and ever. And Charles and Stanley wait for food at the table. But stanley usually grabs the food all up and he loves the food I think. He begs and begs for more food. And Charles and Stanley love to play together and they wrestle and wrestle . One night when I was sleeping stanley was on my bed. He scared me because I thought he had croup. Because he was weezing . So I started calling Daddy. and so he came and I woke stanley up and then daddy said "he's not doing croup" " he was doing very well". So I really miss him because he is a cute dog. I miss him alot cause he is a pug. i like feeling him alot. I like hugging him alot . His middle name is Otis. stanley really misses me alot.
love victoria