Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why I Love 4 Year Olds

pitter, patter, pitter, patter...they take their turns.

They love to come into my room after we have snuggled them all up with their supplies.

Water? Check? Peed?Check? Books? Check.

There is always something.

Tonight Ethan was, 'scared.' Impossible. His room in lit up like a freakin holiday light show spectacular. The smelly dog is in bed with him, and I made sure that he had his blankie and batman right up around him so that he is 'safe.' Not only that my light is on in my room and I was standing in the hallway in plain sight loading the washer. Back to bed!


Next One.

The Morning Look, love it, because it is actually worse than mine, and that is tough.

'Uh Mommy, I can't sleep, Stanley is snoring too loud.''Uh, Kendall, I hate to break it to you, but there is Stanley, in your brothers bed chewing on a stuffed animal.' (the dog now has a terrible fetish with chewing the eyes and noses off of stuffed animals, its heart breaking)

K: Oh well, can I just stay in here with you? I promise I will go right to sleep, as she zones into the tv.

Me: Nope

K: Well then I am going to read my books. (she makes big threats)

Me: That's fine, that's why I put them next to you.

K: I am going to go ahead and read a million books!

Me: Ok, have fun!

K: No, a thousand books!

Me: Even better

K: Then 21, 22, 23...

Me: Now you're talking

K: You'll be sorry, 25 books! I am going to read actually 20,30 books. (this is her number for 30)

Me: Ok, but that's alot of reading

K: I know, that's why I should stay here with you.

Me: Nope, I would rather you read, it's good for you, you will get a scholarship to college someday with those brains

K: Well I don't want these brains, why did you give them to me, all I want is no brains and to sleep with you.

Me: I'm sorry, it's going to be a tough tough go to bed, brain surgeon

K: That is terrible, I am not going to be a sturgeon, that's a fish.

Me: My point exactly.

Sleep Tight.

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