Monday, March 24, 2008

The Easter Bunny brought independent mobility and some whole milk to Ethan!

And he is was a few days last week of attempting to crawl, getting the legs caught up, completely concentrating, (you could see the concentration and thought process on his face each time he tried), but he did it. He is now doing a silly crawl just like Kendall did. He has one leg bent so that the foot is flat on the floor and the other is in crawling position. This form of crawling is conducive to laziness since all he has to do is a slight rock, and he is in sitting position. In the same moments he also managed to now be able to go from a lying position to a sitting position, and also when he is walking, (with the help of another), he will bend down to pick something up from the floor. I think he conquered some fears in his own time. We should now refer to things in "Ethan's time," since he seems to be picking and choosing which milestones he would like to hit in the strangest order.

He is still repeating many things we are saying. He likes to pull off his socks and attempt to put them back on again, and I was saying to him the other morning, 'Ethan where are your socks?' and he turned and picked out of his play basket his sock, and turn to hand it to me, and said' "sock." He also is saying "dis" when he has something in his hands he wants you to have, and is officially saying "thank you." it sounds nothing like the english words for thank you. But the sound is thank you, and he uses it appropriately and will nod his head, each time you give him something he wants or would like. So cute!

He is also drinking whole milk and LOVES it. I prepared the bottle this afternoon and handed it to him so that I could grab something else and I turned around and he was chugging it and objected loudly as I removed it from his grasp to prepare to snuggle with him. So that was an easy transition.

We had a ANOTHER busy weekend. Kendall and I went to the bridal shower for Heather. (Kendall is the flower girl, Andy is the best man) Kendall was quite cranky through much of it and would not take a picture with the bride. It was over her nap time, so I couldn't expect too much from her, but I can always hope for a miracle, can't I? But the Lord let my two year old be a two year old that day. I think he finds humor in it. Over all though, it was a really nice shower, the bridesmaids did a great job.

We then spent Saturday night at my parents and slept over bc we would just be driving back down anyway for church in the morning. This option is so much easier on me.

That morning Kendall got to find her and Ethan's combined Easter Basket from the Easter Bunny (Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop) In all honesty I haven't made up my mind about Easter Baskets quite yet since we have an egg hunt as well and both sets of grandparents get them things for I really need to get them more candy or toys? And we do have Santa come to our house, but for some reason I really want Easter morning to be a time we go to church and are reminded of the sacrifice that was made for us, not searching for a basket and then running around scrambling to get ready for church and then stumbling in all frazzled. If the Easter Bunny comes, I think I would want him to come after church, even perhaps after we eat our Easter meal. I know this will be hard for little children, and they will constantly be on me about when they can hunt for their basket and eggs, but in return I can constantly remind them of the real meaning of Easter.

Kendall did love her basket. It had a pair of crocs for both her and Ethan. Kendall got two princess jibbitz (Cinderella and Ariel) and Ethan got cars, from the movie, Cars. Kendall also received some water color paints, which she really enjoys doing, maybe you too will get a painting in the mail. Kendall likes to say, 'look Mommy, its art!' And of course it had some candy, and also fruit snacks. Oh and balls for Ethan to play with since that is all he really enjoys anyway.

The egg hunt was fun. I think that Ethan enjoyed it more then Kendall since we were searching for what he thought was balls. It was so cute, once he would find one he would hold it in his hands and then when he spotted another he would throw the one he was holding really hard and pick up the new one. Kendall did have fun searching, but I think she thought it was a little silly. I can tell that she really thinks things through and this is funny if you think about it; we are picking up eggs from a bunny that have candy in them.

We then started playing an ongoing game of Blockhead. Well I wasn't there at the start, but once Kendall passed out and Ethan was getting a bath and cuddling with my mom and Mom Mom I got to play with Andy, my sister, and cousins. If you haven't played Blockhead in awhile, you should, it got really addicting. They had even named the pieces, 'blue cheese,' for the piece of wood that is shaped like a piece of cheese, and is, well, blue, and 'the recliner' for the piece that obviously looked like a recliner, and 'juicy fruit' for the piece...well so on and so forth.

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