Monday, May 12, 2008

He can walk!

It's about time, huh? I think we have been waiting and saying he was going to walk any day now for about 3 months. I am so glad he is walking, the whining has reduced by 50%, its wonderful. (even though he is coming up the stairs, whining right now, upset I am sure about something that isn't worth being upset about...oh and here comes his sister right behind him, gotta love it.)

I thought I might blog about E today since I am about to download some pictures from the wedding on Saturday, and they are going to be all about Kendall. He deserves a blog to himself also.

Ethan has got his second top front tooth coming in and it has made for miserable sleeping. He has his two eye teeth already. They came in first, so for awhile there he resembled Baby Dracula, or Eddie Munster, as I called him.

As far as speech goes, he is getting pretty good. He LOVES to say words that end in 'ck', so he says, sock, duck, truck, quack, stuck, book, (ok that one doesn't end in ck, but sounds similar), rock, and I can't think of anymore right now.

Here is a little clip of his showing us his favorite book. It is a book about farms and all the things on a farm. He only loves the pages with a tractor or truck on it right now.

He is in love right now with anything truck related. When walking in and out of the car, if a large truck speeds by he stops, turns in the direction of the truck whizzing by and yells,'TRUCK!!', while shaking excitedly.

His best friend is of course, his sister, and he just loves to be into everything she is into. This at times frustrates her to no end but other times she loves to show him new things.

I cannot believe how fast he is growing. He is such a sweet and energetic little boy and now that he is on the go, there is no stopping him!

Ok and I couldn't resist. Here is a video of Kendall singing a new song she learned.
It is. 'Where is Thumbkin' for those who can't understand her.

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