Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Catch Up Part Two

So May just flew by and now we are just into June, crazy. By the way, Happy 30th Anniversary to Mom & Dad! In the final weeks of May we celebrated Memorial Day the way you are supposed to with picnics, family, & friends. We were at my parents for most of the weekend. My sister Michelle had gotten a moon bounce from her work and so that was the highlight of Kendall's every waking moment. She was really good about it. When she was asked to take a break from jumping, she did without a tantrum. Unreal. Of course now whenever we arrive at my parents she tells me she is going to go on the moon bounce and I have to tell her over and over again that Aunt Michelle took it back to the store for other kids to use. We will have to get it again this summer.
We invited more family over on Sunday and Kendall was able to play with Molly and Brynn for a little bit before they were off to another picnic. My 71 year old Mom Mom even got in on the moon bounce action with Kendall. Ethan on the other hand was terrified of the thing, in typical Ethan fashion. I knew it before it even went up that he would be scared of it. That is our E, but I am finding out that his hesitation to try something new mirrors his father's, so once the fear is conquered they end up having a blast. But we could not convince Ethan that the moon bounce was fun.
On the actual Memorial Day we went to another picnic at our friend's Jake & Trista. Kendall always has fun over there and usually plays hard with the kids. Ethan now on the move was able to play with the kids also. He preferred to sit in the little car most of the day and eat and eat. He is a picnic connoisseur.

Ethan 'crashing' amidst a busy weekend.

Kendall has also been loving going to Sunday School now if I could only say the same about her brother. Ethan HATES going to the nursery despite loads of kids and toys to play with. He will become so distraught that I usually have to go and get him. I have since signed up for one week a month in the nursery and my parents already do another, so that is 2 weeks out of a month that he will stay there. The other two he is with us. However, I must admit, he does behave, he is usually sound asleep by the time the offering plate going down our pew. Kendall just loves it though, she will talk about it all week and on Saturday night just loves going to bed with the promise of Sunday School in the morning. 'I go see my friends at church, mom?' So this is so very reassuring to me, a love of church and some good friends there is so important. She loves to tell me about the lesson as much as she can get out of it at 2, and she also loves to tell me what she did with each of her friends. This past week they asked each of the kids what they wanted to be when the grew up and Kendall responded, 'a crocodile.' To each his own. Ethan will be in her classroom next year at this time, and will have hopefully grown out of this separation anxiety. Until then...

Right now he is attempting to climb into my lap since I must have been absent to long for him.

This past weekend we spent some time at home, it felt good to not be running around. We bbq'd with the neighbors, and the kids had a lot of fun. Kendall loves playing with her friends Sarah & Emily outside, and Ethan can usually be found following along. At the bbq on Friday night Emily whipped out of her dress ups some fake teeth. Kendall thought this was hilarious.

Ethan is quickly learning new words, one syllable, if you ask him to say a two syllable word he gets angry. Yesterday I asked him where some body parts where and he was able to point to them. His personal favorite is his tongue.

His favorite thing to do is whine and cry about everything. It's a lot of fun. I am sure it is over communication frustration but just the same it is as annoying to him as it is to me. But he is my little boy, and everyone knows my bottom line when it comes to Ethan...and that is just that, he is my little boy.

I promise you E, this soon shall pass.

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