Monday, June 16, 2008

Picture and Silly Kendall Saying of the Week

I get so many goofy shots of my kids, and if I were to post them and blog about each of them to explain the situation behind them, I would blog all day long. I am a picture-aholic. I love to get pictures of my kids doing the funniest, cutest, messiest, and ugliest of things. So instead of blogging about it, I want to be out there experiencing it with them. You can add your own captions. I just want you to see some of my favorites if the week. If you really need to know the story behind it you can just ask...but a lot of self-explanatory.

Kendall also says a lot of silly things and I want to try and remember the funniest. So I will try to get one of those in weekly as well. When he starts to talk more I will add them also.

Here is my first shot at this new idea, and then we are off to play outside.

Kendall has been getting in a lot of trouble lately for being rough with her brother. Mainly pushing him, but she can send him flying. In a few months she will be the one running from him but for right now, she is the bully. So she has had numerous time outs and spankings when she is really rough and she is then told to say sorry to E.

Just about 10 minutes ago they were in their playroom playing and I hear Ethan start to cry. I am just about to go down the stairs when I hear Kendall's feet run over to him and then I hear her voice...'no, no, don't cry E, I sorry. don't cry E, Mommy put Kendall in timeout, I so sorry...shh...'

Breakthrough. She gets it. Sometimes I think she doesn't. But now I know that she understands the consequences that come along with bullying her brother. I don't know what happened, the crying stopped as I stood just out of sight, and the playing started up again. And not only that she secretly tried to amend a problem.

Now on to the pictures...

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