Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"A cousin is a ready-made friend for life."

Kendall and Ethan have had some fun and recent play times with their cousins Aidan, and the twins, Molly & Brynn. We invited them up to Mom Mom Mom's farm one warm Friday to play a lot and get dirty; what Mom Mom Mom's house is for. We were able to go fishing after Mom Mom Mom dug up some worms, the only one that didn't even get a bite was the boy and cub scout...I won't mention any names.

The unlucky fisherman

He did seem to get beat up a bit though and was the only one to go home with a boo-boo patch with an actual wound under it. Kendall was and still is very concerned about this boo-boo and whenever we mention Aidan, whoops, I let the name slip, she asks me if his boo-boo is all better, we are going on about 3 weeks now since the incident.

Just this past weekend we had a picnic at my uncle Jimmy's and Aunt Eleanor's house and Kendall was in her glory because not only was Molly and Brynnie there but Marlaina, or 'Laina', as well. Despite the the showers, we had a good time and the kids, or should I say, Marlaina, Aidan, and Kendall enjoyed the sprinklers, everyone else was a scaredy cat, including the number one scaredy cat, my son Ethan.

We also got to see fireworks, which really aren't worth mentioning since they were kind of stinky, but the kids had fun with their freezer pops and glowsticks, and that is really what matters...I suppose

In many of the shots I have it is Kendall and Brynnie. They seem to have formed this bond over silliness. I remind Kendall each time we get together to also invite Molly to play with them, and the last time Kendall replied, 'Molly not want to play wit us, Mommy.' And so it seems for right now Molly cannot be bothered with the goofiness which is Kendall and Brynn together, but she is never far from the pack, choosing to play independently, close by, and you can be certain that when Molly moves on to play something better, Kendall and Brynn are right behind, she reminds me of the 'big' sister of the pack. So I think Molly might be on to something and knows to keep her safe distance from this cousin double trouble, because then she can never be blamed for what the other two get into because I think that they are going to get into plenty.

"God made us cousins, because he knew our moms couldn't handle us as sisters."

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