Friday, July 11, 2008

Pics and Sayings of the Week

This is what happens when you send Kendall and Daddy to the store to pick up some donuts for a Sunday Morning lazy breakfast, you come home with a donut that is so festive the food coloring stains your face for 2 days and numerous washings!

So there were a few but this is the top Kendall conversation of the week.

Background: Kendall went with Mom Mom Mom to her house all by herself for the afternoon the other day. Mom Mom Mom and Pop Pop Pop have two donkeys, Elmo & Meghan. Ethan and I went to pick her up and to stay for dinner.

Right upon my arrival she says to me, "Mommy Elmo & Meghan were playing silly games!" I answered, "they were, what kind of silly games?" And she says to me laughing,"Elmo was biting Meghan's neck and then he jumped on her back!" I then try to hide my laughter and ask, " and what did Meghan do?" And she goes, "She kicked him right in the face!" And that is the birds and the bees Mom Mom Mom style, we'll leave it at that.

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