Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Videos of the Week

Kendall loves to tell this joke that I think is just so silly. For those of you who watch Flipped Out on Bravo, this joke was told on there, and I laughed out loud. I know it is silly. However, it is even funnier when your two year old picks up on the nuiances surrounding a joke and will say them. You can't help but need to get it on film.

Here is Ethan not to be out done needing to also be on camera. His vocabulary is growing more and more, and I love when he says 'please', so here it is. He also mastered 'no,' today, and it sounds like an old man with a deep voice when he says it. So cute.

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annasmommy said...

listen to ethan talking! what a big boy! we don't have any words yet...still working on that :) dan and I love telling that joke to Anna...i thought that was so cute, too!