Monday, November 17, 2008


Yeah! We can finally post those Halloween pics.

It was a lot of fun. Our neighborhood friends had a Halloween party the weekend before, so Kendall was all about Halloween this year.

And what were they...Cinderella and Gus, Cinderella's mouse friend. I was just about ready to order the crocodile and the monkey costume off of ebay because that is what Kendall said they were going to be, when she decided one day that they needed to be characters in Cinderella. Which was much more appropriate since she thinks that she is a princess. She has already said that she is going to be either Pocahantas or Belle next year.

Ethan though is absolutely terrified of masks or full body costumes where we cannot see the person at all, so something like Disney World would be his worst nightmare come true right now. So that is just fine.

One day our little friend and neighbor, Andrew thought it would just be hilarious to come to our door in his Darth Vadar mask because that what he was going to be for Halloween, so we hear this banging on the door, we go downstairs, and there is Andrew in his jeans and a tee shirt with this mask at my door, Ethan scaled my body screaming and pinching. Kendall on the other hand found it hilarious and said, 'Hey Andrew, that's a pretty cool costume.' How she knew it was him, I have no idea, and how she wasn't scared is beyond me. Andrew was beyond pleased because he scared someone, which was his intent, and also someone thought his mask was cool.

Kendall knew just what to do on Halloween night and they ran around with their friends from door to door collecting their goods. Ethan caught on by house 3, but I had to carry him bc you never knew what masked villan was lurking around dark corners.

Princess Cinderella, not being able to contain her excitement about candy collecting

Gus Gus, not sure what all the fuss is about,

but ready to follow along with the other kids.

Waiting for their buddies so we can go trick or treating!

Prairie Court Friends...Emily as Snow White, hence the reason Kendall also had to be a princess, Sarah as Dorothy, and yes, she had ruby slippers, but she will wear no other shoes but these black ones right now, it was also Sarah's 3rd Birthday, Andrew as Darth Vadar, and his little brother, Ethan's buddy Evan, as Yoda.

Baby Leah, as a cat, but also has the stroller resident beer girl.

The daddies got their own treats as we toured the neighborhood.

Phil & Sue, quite possibly the nicest couple I have ever met,

we are just so lucky to call them our neighbors.

Ethan examining his loot after his stressful night filled with worries about strange masks and scary people.

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