Monday, November 17, 2008

Mix Tape Monday

So this week our featured DJ is my sister Meghan. At a random attack we have begun to reach outside the home to find people's musical tastes. What they like to listen, dance, and sing to in their rooms, their cars, their showers, their kitchen floor, whatever, ours works well because its hardwood, so at times it is an impromptu stage, but not only what but why, we ask the tough questions. :)

Our interview with DJ Aunt Meghan...

US:Thank you so much for being our chosen DJ this week. Just a few questions about some of your chosen songs. Who has been a pivotal influence in your music taste and style?
AM: My sister… Melissa

US:Oh, that is just so nice. I do really like music, and now so do my kids. How would you describe your music taste?
AM:Everything but screaming heavy metal.

US: Your first pick is 'Livin on a Prayer', did you know this song came out in 1986, you were 3 years old? Do you enjoy 80's Ballad Music, and also, do you like Jon's hair at the time he recorded this song?
AM:Bon Jovi is classic, but I picked it because it reminds me of nights in the bar my senior year of college. The bands would always play this song and everyone would sing along. I love 80s music! I don’t remember Bon Jovi’s hair at the time he recorded this song… I was only 3 (but you were only 8)

US: Yes, I was only 8, but once you saw his hair, you never forgot it. Next pick, Michael Jackson, hmmm? I also enjoy Michael Jackson, pre weirdo days. Probably the best pop artist of all time. This song, 'Beat It,' is from his Thriller album, by far his best, and my favorite of his albums. Is there is a reason you chose Beat It?
AM:I love Michael too. He has definitely gotten crazy. ‘Beat It’ reminds me of singing and dancing in Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop Lyons’ house with my Aunt Amy and Melissa. It’s a classic 80s song.

US: This is definitely his most hostile song. Have you ever seen the video? Do you have a secret desire to be in a dancing underground subway station gang fight? Because I could arrange that for you in Suburban Station, don't forget your pocket knife though, because they like to dance around in circles holding each others hands wielding pocket knives.
AM:I’d rather not dance around suburban station with a pocket knife, but I am not going to lie sometimes I want to break out in a dance down there. They have some great music sometimes.

US: OK, on to 'Yellow Submarine'. Did you know this was written by Paul Mc Cartney with the intention of being a kids song?
AM: I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! It was my favorite song when I was a kid. I would “rock out” (if that’s possible to this song) in my dads work van to this song.

US: Would you actually want to go on a submarine? You know that if you were in the Navy and you were stationed on submarine, you could potentially live in it for weeks if not months at a time? Could you do that? I couldn't.
AM:I think it would be fun to live in a submarine if it wasn’t totally underwater. Maybe halfway. I don’t think I could do it if I was in the navy and there were like a ton of people with me and of course if it was completely underwater.

US: Uh, yeah, but that is the purpose of a submarine to be submerged in water, hence the name, they are not all like the ride at Disney 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea. But, the song seems to say that living on a submarine is some sort of party, with a band and all your friends, I guess that would be cool. Alright, Sleeping Beauty. Is this your favorite Disney movie?
AM: I always wanted to be sleeping beauty.

US:I think it is funny that Princess Aurora just meets this stranger in the woods one day and they dance and sing and fall in love. Now if you came across a stranger in the woods, would you dance and sing with him bc you met him once upon a dream? Well I guess if you were talking and dancing with animals previous to that, you would be crazy enough to trust a stranger.
AM: Would I be in the woods in the time this movie was made or now? Not so much if it was 2008, because I would be afraid that he would up to no good. Maybe if it was 1960s.

US: I wish I could sleep like Sleeping Beauty, you want to call up an evil witch for me?
AM:Would you really want to sleep like sleeping beauty??? You would miss out on a lot!
US: Really I think it is only a couple of days, and I already told you before, I could sleep all day if I had the opportunity. But you are right, maybe not several.

US:If you could chose your dress color like the fairies were fighting over for her, would you chose pink or blue?
AM: Pink, of course

US: Moving on, 'Your Body is a Wonderland.i too like this song, did you know that this was once rated by some magazine as one of the worst songs ever? But yet, the song also won a grammy, what a contradiction.
AM: I love Your body is a wonderland. The song is catchy yet meaningful.

US:I don't know if i would put it on the list, i think the person that made the list was just jealous because he didn't have anyone in his life that had a body that resembled a wonderland. What do you think the worst song ever written is? I would chose Crash Test Dummies, 'Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm,' I mean what in the world is that song about and what does the chorus have anything to do with it anyway?
AM:The worst song ever that I can think of right now is the Macarena, but I am sure there are a ton others.

US: Hootie and the Blowish, speaking of worst things ever, this has to be the worst band name ever. If you were to make a band, what would you call yourselves?
AM:I will agree worst name ever. If I had a band I would name it…The Silver Lining.

US:As producer, I chose two songs for you. Living a wall over from you for many years, you had this thing when you were a adolescent of playing songs over and over and over again. Idon't know, maybe you were dancing in your room maybe you wanted to be in an N'Sync video, or maybe you thought you were Britney Spears, regardless, these two songs I know every word to because of your repetitiveness, thanks.And not only that, N'Sync is a little shot out to Lance Bass, who we want to win Dancing with the Stars, Go Lance, Kendall loves you!

US: Barry White, the man with the velvet voice. Did you ever meet anyone with a voice that deep? Did you know his daughter did an episode of Baby Story? Why did you pick this song? Do you like funk?
AM: Wow! That was a lot of questions. I can’t recall ever meeting someone with a super deep voice like his, but I will be listening to everyone’s from now one to see. I did not know his daughter did an episode of baby story. Interesting. I picked this song because I love singing along to it. I love this style of music – so you could say I love funk. Its timeless, I don’t think it will ever go out of style.

US: Michael Buble does a lot of covers of Frank Sinatra and those type of singers, like big band or jazz. Do you like that type of music or just this song? Blake Shelton, a country singer, covered this song, ironic, do you like his version better? He must get homesick a lot? Do you get homesick? I have never been homesick, I have missed people, they may or may not live in my home, but I don't get homesick I get people sick I guess. I am a homebody who doesn't get homesick, weird.
AM: You are weird. I like Michael Buble and I like this song. The song reminds me of when I was in Paris for 3 months. I loved being over there, but I was ready to come home and see everyone and leave a few strange teammates. I totally get homesick… for about a week or two, but once I get busy – I am fine! I have heard the country version and I must say… it stinks.

US:'Baby It's Cold Outside,' is in my favorite holiday movie, 'Elf', what is your favorite holiday movie, and if it is 'Elf', what is your favorite part?
AM: Watching Christmas Story is my favorite Christmas movie to watch year after year, but Elf is hysterical. The whole movie is my favorite, but if I had to pick one part it would be when he answers the phone and says this … “Buddy the Elf! What's your favorite color?”

US: And that concludes this interview, thanks so much for your time.
AM:Can’t wait to hear this mix!

Without further ado, Monday's Mix Tape, (note from producers: the songs are not in the order of the way Meghan chose them, we reorganized them to make the mix flow) by Aunt Meghan, our DJ:

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