Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In Memory...

God's purpose for our lives is so powerful that when I am reminded of that I am often left speechless, on my knees, and pleading for His grace.

The little girl that you will read about within the link to a blog which I will post at the end of my entry, is Norah. Norah is the daughter of Josh & Abby, a couple which we are friends with through our dear friends Jake & Trista. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to hold Norah in my arms, to cuddle with her by a fire place as she slept, and to be witness to the great love Josh & Abby have for her. As I remember Norah, I remember her as a sweet little girl that lived up to her name, Norah Pearl. A gentle presence that was filled with grace and femininity.

My friend Trista explained Norah's sudden and unexpected passing so eloquently as she shared some of the heart wrenching moments that Josh & Abby experienced. Norah was not alone when it happened, she was not under the care of doctors and nurses poking and prodding at her, she was in her Daddy's arms in her home, what a comforting moment of peace in such a tragic cirumstance.

I cannot fathom living through something like this. I can only imagine the great sorrow they must feel. I cannot pretend to understand God's purpose, although I am certain there is one greater than we can comprehend right now. My only peace is that Norah is in heaven right now experiencing a love and comfort greater than she has ever felt, and that must be incredible because she certainly was loved tremendously here on earth.

Please keep Josh & Abby in your thoughts and prayers.

Here is the link to their friend's sight. What a blessing to know such a talented photographer to capture such beautiful photographs of this angel.

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