Friday, July 31, 2009

I think I'm in Love...

I found this blog while reading another blog. Don't you love when that happens? When you find a really awesome blog with really awesome thoughts or ideas? Well you might not, but I do.

This blog, has got to be my favorite yet. I can hardly drag myself away to wash the pile of dishes. Seriously? Who wants to do dishes?

I am a big fan of do it yourself projects, before and after projects, new design ideas, so on and so forth. HGTV is my go to channel. When nothing else fails, there is always someone doing something to some item that is in need of design on that channel.

Lord if I had overflowing bank account to do so, this house would be insane. The ideas in my head sometimes threaten to explode. My bedroom is my next project. My little database in my brain has been going through ideas for some time now, and I think I finally have it. So I will be having a little before and after, divine design of my own going on. It will be the great design adventure, and I will take you with me. My sister Michelle is going to help me with it, right Michelle? Thanks. I promise you Andy, it will cost you minimal. I have been on a mad hunt for thriftiness for a long time now.

Then I will move on to E's BIG BOY room. So very exciting and sad at the same time. I think that might be the time when I go, ok, it's time for a baby. Maybe not. But Maybe.

This blogger poesesses parts of the brain very similar to mine. Isn't it always great to find someone like that? Too bad I don't know her personally. But then maybe the world would explode or something. My Mom Mom and sister, Michelle, are very much like this also. Always adding and taking away, and trying some crazy design idea. My Dad is perfect carpenter for this too. Like on Trading Spaces when the used to have their little carpenters to build what the designers thought up in their head. This is my Dad. Isn't that awesome? I have yet to use this great fortune to its fullest of capabilities.

So my point?

This blog: Design*Sponge <-----click here, fool.

If designing causes you too to drool, go ahead. Here is your Friday Night Date.

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