Monday, September 29, 2008

The Princess & The Potty

She looks as though she might be trying really hard in this pic, but don't be fooled, she is just saying, 'cheese!'

I have put of blogging about,' Adventures in Potty Training,' due to the fact that I didn't think it would really stick with Kendall. She is still a little young to get the hang of it, but all her friends and cousins around her were talking about being big girls and wearing big girl panties, so I thought that we would give it a whirl.

So far so good. She does have her moments, and she REFUSES to poo on the potty, but all in all potty training is going well. She constantly needs reminding. After about an hour since her last visit to the potty I start asking her if she needs to use it. When we hit the 2 hour mark, she comes and sits on it, no discussions about it. When she goes she gets to pick a treat out of the potty tin. (a specific tin in the kitchen that holds wonderful treats that can only be obtained through potty use) Kendall's choice is usually gum, and Ethan gets one too. I usually have him say thank you to Kendall for going pee pee so that he can have this oh so fabulous treat. But you know me and my ways, it doesn't just stop with a high five and treat, when Kendall does go pee pee it is as if a touchdown was scored in our house with 5 seconds left in the game to clench the title of the best team ever in the history of the world. We jump, we cheer, we sing silly songs and dance around. She has now started cheering for me when I use the potty. Ethan is our resident flusher. He usually gets to push down on the lever and says,'bye bye.'

Kendall posing on her special potty and her apprentice walking into the shot.

So the poo situation. Well what it comes down to is Kendall holding it in. She won't just go in her princess panties. She will hold it. Which some may think is a good thing, she gets the concept of holding poo. But not on day 3. So usually on day 3 I leave her diaper on after her nap until she goes. I tell her to please tell me when she has to go poopie and she will get two treats instead of one, but it never really works out that way. We have time.

She is in a diaper at nap time and overnight. She never wanted pull ups. It was straight to panty town for her. Pull ups were of diaper consistency and that was not good enough. So she has special Dora, Sleeping Beauty, and Ariel panties, we are well on our way to collecting a full set of princess panties, just what every two year old girl dreams of.

So when it is all said and done and poopie and pee pee is fully accomplished Kendall will get her potty prize. And what is her potty prize? Well after picking out some out of the question items that can only be brought by Santa, she has settled on a princess head. Well ok, not just any head. It is a head of hair so that she can be that hair stylist she imagines to be.

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