Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wednesday Night Scenes from a Bath!

Kendall is becoming a creature of habit and taking notice and verbally telling us when something is not the same. Que last night's dinner. Kendall, Ethan, and I sat down to eat, and Kendall looks to her right and exclaims, "WHERE IS DADDY!?!?!?' Because the four of us sit at the table and eat dinner together and since there was only 3 of us and not 4 of us, this was just not right. I explained to her that Daddy was at a hockey game with Sarah, Emily, and Baby Dominic's Daddies, and that none of the Daddies were home for dinner. 'He come home and eat dinner with us,' she asked. I told her not tonight, tomorrow night though Daddy will be home and eat dinner with us. This caused her eyes to well and she cried out, 'I want Daddy to come home!!!' I thought that she would not eat her dinner, and then came up with the fabulous idea that during bath time we can pretend that we are in a BIG swimming pool, and Mommy will take silly pictures. This is the new thing they really enjoy, being silly in pictures and then looking at them and laughing their heads off. She quickly finished her dinner, and we raced upstairs for bath time. I was soaked by the end of it, but they were tired and ready to snuggle by the time jammies were put on, and I got some really cute pics.
And tonight, Daddy will be home for dinner. :)

Kendall and her "Cwazy Hair!"

'Mommy take a picture of me weal close to my nose.'

One of Kendall's many talents.

' I will make a weal cwazy face, and den you let me see it!'

'Ebee, you make a silly face for Mommy!'

Cute and also bruised bottoms, I suppose when there isn't

the diaper to cushion a fall, a bottom can look like this.

Capturing his height, that is going to keep going, and going up to the sky!

'I SEE!!!!!'

'I make a mad face.'

Shaking dry

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