Tuesday, February 19, 2008

and he begins to walk...

i do not care what people say, i think sometimes they forget that i also have another child just 13 months older, but i do want ethan to walk or crawl or something that gets my back out of this hunched over and painful position. i hear, 'oh once he goes you will be begging for those immobile days.' 'fraid not my friends. i loved it when Kendall did it, and i am excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel for ethan. It makes my life so much easier. really...i spend a majority of my day picking up toys and walking ethan to the toys or to assist him in kicking a ball all over the house. seeing my little ducklings waddling behind me will bring me so much joy and back relief.

ethan has REFUSED to take any steps away or to me. he began taking a step or two for my mom a few weeks ago, but since he is a mama's boy, when i would peek in to observe he would collapse in tears, as if to say, 'i can't do it mama.' if he is walking, holding my hands and i let go of one hand he frantically reaches for it. if it is not done in a timely manner, well then we have a tantrum. but today he let me release his hands as he stood for some time and then decided to take steps away from me. Andy was able to see this accomplishment as he was coming own the stairs having just gotten home from work. however, you cannot get over excited about his newly obtained skill bc he starts to giggle and move super fast and crashes to his bottom. so i suppose once his confidence is up a little higher and he gets ahold of the concept that walking requires some patience and concentration he will be on the move!

i glanced in my baby book a week ago and saw that i never crawled until i learned to walk. good information to have known while i was upset about Ethan not crawling yet.

oh well.

so hopefully there will be some video soon

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