Friday, February 15, 2008

...and thus it begins.

I have been inspired to start a blog. (thanks shannon) My greatest of intentions are to scrapbook for my kids. But scrapbooking requires ALOT. Alot of time, alot of space to spread out, alot of patience, alot of spare cash, and alot of energy. I am the mother of two, almost two toddlers. Kendall is now 2, and Ethan almost 11 months. If you would like to come and find "alot," in my day of the previously mentioned things, then I will scrapbook. So until this evening each time my babies would hit a milestone, say something silly, do something worthy of noting, I would grab whatever was handy that would write, a scrap of paper, and record the accomplishment and put it in their box from the GAP in my scrapbook closet. So in each of their shirt boxes are cards, random pics that aren't in photo books, thier hospital bracelets, scraps of hair from their first haircut in little baggies, so on and so forth and tons and tons of notes, from me, dated.

Blogging is my attempt at:
1. organization
2. letting those who are interested in on what is going on with my little family
3. venting
4. multi-tasking

I say multi-tasking bc I can blog, watch the news, talk with Andy, listen to a monitor, all at the same time. But I can also pack it up in a jiffy with no prying, sticky hands reaching to get at just what Mommy is doing.

I hopefully will be able to look back on this when I do have "ALOT," and scrapbook till my heart's content.

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