Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Weekend

Playing in the snow with Daddy, Celebrating a birthday with family, spending time with cousins, shopping with Mommy & Daddy, Ethan reaching another milestone, sledding, barfing, and then a double ear infection....

It started out so good right? It was a really fun weekend until the very end. Our little Ebee is sick. What started out looking like the stomach virus Kendall had since he lovingly spewed all over me, is now a double ear infection too. Yucky.

But lets recap.

When Andy got home on Friday Evening he took the kids out to play in the snow, racing Kendall around in her friend Sarah's pull sled and making a snowman. Saturday we got up and went to my favorite place to shop, Target, and among other things, purchased Ethan his front facing booster seat! When I was at the doctor with Kendall last week, he asked if I had moved him into one yet, when I asked if I should he said, oh he will do just fine.

We then went to Andy's sister, Jenn's birthday lunch with the kids behaving really, really well, surprisingly. I am one who really dislikes taking my kids to restaurants, and mostly for selfish reasons. I probably wouldn't even want to go out to eat to see Oprah if it meant bringing my kids. It is just really stressful for me. I think through the eyes of other patrons for the most part. And who would want a screaming kid next to them while they are paying good money to not be at home eating? So I spend most of my time entertaining them trying to keep them as happy as can be. In doing so, I miss mostly all of the adult interaction at the table, don't really get to see the menu because a little hand is snatching it from me, so I either order something I had pre-kid at that place, or something I know would be on the menu. Then when the food FINALLY arrives, I have to get them excited about eating, make sure they eat, and give them most of my food, because of course whatever Mommy is eating has got to be better, and by that time my food is cold, and I really just don't feel like eating because everyone else is done, and ready to move on, and in all honesty, if they are ready to go, so am I, lets get the kids out of there! Of course Andy is there, and he does help upon being summoned, but they really just want their Mommy to do it, and lets be honest, I think that one of us should enjoy a meal and be able to socialize, if we both were taking care of the kids the entire time out would be pretty pointless. So I am resident, self-volunteered watch dog, making sure needs are being met, the toy that dropped is picked up, their thirst is quenched, that their diapers are fresh, and that they are at least at medium volume level, which is still quite loud, but manageable. I would much rather have whomever we are to eat with over our house for takeout from wherever it is we were going to eat, and then my kids can feel free to roam, play with their toys, watch a show, or take a nap, and do it with me just watching from a distance while I can interact with people older than 2 at a meal. But it isn't all about me when we go out to eat and I realize that, so I will continue in this way.I am not complaining about my kids, they are my world, but when it comes to something where they have to stay seated for an adult determined amount of time, I anticipate catastrophe, and annoying glares from fellow diners. The glares are understandable, I used to be one of them. So I am sorry Oprah, but if you want my kids and me for lunch, you have to come to my house.

And that is my venting about that. Back to the weekend.

For some reason, we went to the Q Mart after birthday lunch. I don't know what I was doing when this decision was made, but it was, and I went, not knowing we would spend 2.5 hours in there. But really, I was so involved with the people watching, that I didn't even notice the time go by, and again my kids were good, and I like the places that sell the country stuff. Other then that, I could go on about the Q Mart like I did about restaurant eating, but I will save that for another time. Lets just sum up the Q Mart for those who don't know about it...It really is a place that appeals to my people watching habit, I watch people and wonder why they love it so much and also, snottily why they are wearing what they are wearing. (as I am there too) But let me stand up for myself and say that we are only there typically for the meat market, that is fresh that day, a real deal, and really great meat, the country store, and the occasional sticky buns, and it is in and out. The Q Mart is an indoor flea market, that smells of everything fried from mexican food to oreos, and sells scrunchies, French fries, and ferrets within 100 feet from each other. Enough said. But Kendall had a great time with her cousins, and if it tired her out for an easy bedtime routine, well I was all for it. What I did gather is that Ethan like me, is a people watcher, his head would stretch and follow some people as they passed and I would catch myself doing the exact same thing at the exact same person.

The next morning I woke up feeling funny but attributed it to the pasta from the day before being too heavy in sauce, garlic, and onions. So I continued on. Kendall & Ethan had slept in and so we did too, and it was too late to race around to get ready for church. Instead I ran some errands. I was in Target, (again, I know, but it is 5 minutes or less away), with Kendall, and as we were shopping I felt the need to just throw up, so I ran to the medicine aisle, swiped a bottle of water on the way, grabbed a bottle of pepto caplets, and popped in two, willing them to work instantaneously. We had plans to go sledding! So I ignored it. I went into Mommy-mode.

We went to lunch with the Landis' (another interesting restaurant adventure, but this time there were other small children, so the entire place was chaos and filled with people from our party, so Kendall wandering, no big deal, and Ethan was quiet, (little did I know) & I didn't eat bc I didn't feel well, so all focus was on that and making sure restaurant behavior was established.

We then went to meet my parents at my Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's for sledding. I of course felt terrible, but pushed it way down because my kids were going to go sledding. So that we did. Ethan did not want to be put down the entire time, he went in to play, we assumed that he just didn't really like the snow all that much that day. Kendall on the other hand relished in being the snow bunny!

(he even looks a bit sick in that picture...poor baby)

Kendall just loved sledding and went down this run my dad created, much like those he created for us when we were little, and she went down all on her own after her first time down with my dad. She giggled the entire time. I hope to attach a little video of her, perhaps she will become a bobsledder, she had no fear. You get to see a little of her bossiness involved with the run and then which way she wanted to be pulled to do it again, but all in a day of sledding and life with Kendall.I think my dad is really looking forward to teaching her to ski next year, and I secretly hope that she just loves it so that I can go skiing again, I miss it so much, but never have the heart to voice that since I know it requires a lot of extra cash and a sitter for the day. I love to ski but haven't been able to do so because of being pregnant for two years and now having babies who's needs come first, and I don't mind that one bit, but its ok to miss something.

Ethan and I didn't eat dinner that night, and it looked really good, I could now go for some. Then like I knew it would happen, Ethan drank his bottle and fell off to sleep at 6:30, and then within 5 minutes, threw up all over me. After a shower, two separate baths, and a redressing, the day was done, and we were shipped home, me deteriorating the entire ride.

After a night of me being freezing then hot, babies waking up, and tossing and turning, the next day began, and one look at Ethan and I knew something was up and it wasn't just the tummy. There was something in the cry that told me, ears. After waiting it out and waking up screaming from a nap, I decided to take him to the doctor. As we were getting ready to go I doubted myself bc he began to perk up, and questioned Andy, who just told me there was no harm in taking him. When it was confirmed that he had a double ear infection, Ethan just giggled and smiled at the doctor. Amazing. He said that Ethan was the happiest and the sickest baby he had seen that day, that's my kid. He then asked since Ethan had no fever what made me think it was his ears, I said the cry, and he said, no its just that mother's intuition, it freaks me out personally. And how was I feeling, I know, Mommy's get lost in the sauce, I guess ok, I had not eaten anything, but really had no time to think about my ailments. I suppose that was for the best.

Andy did stay home yesterday to help out. But of course I was nasty. I believe I was just overwhelmed and sick, and I really wanted him to be a miracle man and heal everyone. I can get pretty mean when I don't feel good, some sulk, I bark. Looking back, I know him helping with Kendall, bc all E wanted was his mama, was more helpful than anything he could have done. I didn't have to worry about her once, she was with Daddy.

Last night Kendall was being super silly, and letting out her growing imagination, she gave us all new names, hers is Lu Lu, Andy's is Crack Jack, Ethan's is Do-Do, mine is Tsst-Tsst, and this morning she named Lily, Vlump, Vlump. No idea where she came up with this, but she thinks it is hilarious, and actually uses these names when addressing us. She is turning into her mother...but don't tell anyone.

Oh and Ethan just LOVES his new seat in the car. I love when the get to face they front for the first time it is as if there are seeing things in a new light. He had a huge grin on his face like he knew he was a big boy now and danced and clapped away to the music.

And another week begins...

Long Blog, but a lot has occured in a few days, unusual for us to some extent. (it only took me two days to finish)

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