Friday, February 15, 2008

A Week's End...

This week our baby girl turned 2.
Can I believe it? The time has flown.
As I watched her sleep on the night of her birthday, most likely at the time she was born two years ago, I was reminded of all it took to bring her to us, our little miracle, and all that she was that day as she turned 2.
I thought...
she now speaks in sentences, she has interests; favorites, she is starting to share her feelings verbally, she is forming friendships, her personality is booming. She makes sure to remind me that I have polka dots on my face. (freckles) She loves life. She loves her brother Ethan with all that she has. She loves her new Dora Bike that she got from Mommy & Daddy for her birthday. In her own words, " I love it, love it, love it!! It is the best, ever, ever!" And not to leave her brother out, she makes sure to tell him, "When you get Big E, like me, you get Diego bike."

The morning after her birthday as I was attempting to get her dressed Ethan began to cry, so I was infamously side tracked. She took off telling me she would 'be right back guys." Ethan is calmed, and I am off to find her. This is what I find as I enter the kitchen. (Image Left)

We were able to go to the Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey on her birthday. My mom & I took the kids. They enjoyed it so much. It is perfect for their age group. I can only imagine what it all seemed like through their eyes. Kendall loved the hippos, and we returned to see them again at the end of our visit. Ethan especially enjoyed the tunnel we would go through that surrounded us by sharks. (typical boy)

Kendall just loves birthdays, so for it to be hers, this was quite the week.

Ethan has had own week as well. It seems as though this week he has gotten noticeably older all of a sudden. I can remember that with Kendall. In a week's span she would all of a sudden obtain all these skills. He of course is not crawling or walking. He stands for some time on his own, and will hold on to things and stand freely. However, we believe he prefers to just scream to have his needs met instead of accomplishing these tasks on his own. He has become much more vocal, adding the words, "again" and "balloon" to his vocabulary. (for those who don't know he says, Mama, Mom, Hiiiiii, Dada, Pop-Pop, and Ball) I also think he is attempting to say Thank You, since when I hand him something the syllables that come out of his mouth sound just like that. It is no surprise to me that he is starting to talk. I talk all day and now his sister is doing the same, so he just wants to get his word in edge wise amongst two blabber mouths! He is now stacking blocks, throws a ball directly to a person that asks, is starting to follow directives like, 'give that to mama, please," he is also dancing, (he looks just like an old man ), and loves to take things apart and put them together again. His toy of choice still remains to be a ball, which couldn't please his father more. But oh he has a temper. Kendall didn't throw temper tantrums well into her second year...this boy...look out, he throws his entire body into it!

Now if I could just get the bugger to sleep through the night and crawl or walk.

We are now off into our weekend.

We have Ryan's 1st Birthday Party tomorrow. (our cousin)

Andy is off on Monday. Thanks Presidents.

Enjoy Yours.

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