Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ethan's Birthday Party

Ethan's birthday party was this past Saturday and he had so much fun! We had the party at my grandparents farm and it was a nice day so Ethan was able to play outside with his cousins.

We had dinner and ice cream and cake, and Ethan LOVED the cake.

He had two pieces, his and his sisters! I can't deny him more cake when he asks for it at his birthday party! He is such a good eater, I wish Kendall was the same. She is so very picky.

Ethan got a lot of new clothes which was really needed and some new toys which have been great. It is always fun to add some new toys to the mix, it keeps them occupied during play time a little longer. Ethan was so excited to see his family and was completely exhausted at the end of the night.

We are now 100% certain that Ethan's hesitancy to walk is his confidence because when he doesn't think about it or when he is encouraged to the point of his confidence reaching a high point, he walks right across a room! It is crazy. He is also very picky about who he will walk in front of, a bit shy I suppose. Stage Fright. So we just continue to send him back and forth between Andy and I passing a ball to each other to give him more incentive. Everything that has been new to Ethan has required us getting him over a fear. We even had to coax him into playing with a ball bigger then a tennis ball, which he now has no fear of and is obsessed with. He is also afraid of swings. We worked on this a bit yesterday at the park. But he became as stiff as a board when we put him in the swing. After getting out of the swing he also screamed and reached for Kendall as she swang away to her hearts content. He must have been fearful for her as well. He is a Mama's Boy, no doubt.

Kendall continues her silly antics. Last week she was helping me get Ethan's bottle together and I asked her if I should give Lily some. She said yes, so I poured some into her bowl. Lily refuses to eat in front of the kids, but Kendall was determined to get her to drink it, so she kept pushing the bowl around the kitchen floor to Lily, saying, 'Lily, drink it." I turned to finish the bottle and straighten up, and turned to Kendall asking me, 'Mommy, do I look beautiful?'

I asked her why she had milk all over her head, and she said simply, "I was teaching Lily how to drink it."

So I must go get some things done. Kendall is watching Beauty and the Beast which we checked out from the library. Beyond skipping all the scary parts, she seems to like it. Of course, there is a princess in it.

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