Friday, April 11, 2008

Kids Gone Wild!

As if it were a theme this week...I was constantly reminded to, 'step it up mom!'

My children have had me outnumbered all week, and I am in need of a new regimen.

No longer do I have a toddler and a baby, I have two toddlers.

Two things I have confirmed this week:
1. Boys like to experience hands on just about everything

2. Girls imaginations just get loftier and loftier until at some point I am sure we can exist in a totally different world when needed.

I am now in the need of being constantly alert at all waking hours. If one of them is deafeningly quiet I panic. Yes, strawberry jelly does taste good, but is like removing glue from a body, it just spreads as it is wiped. And how in the world does he now know how to open the refrigerator?

Stickers. Who invented them? What is their purpose exactly? Similar to play doh, I believe they are created with the underlying reason, to drive parents mad. Have you ever tried to pick, pick, pick a sticker off the side of a dresser? And isn't it so annoying to clean up play doh? The first attempt, you really try to keep the colors separate, and then you are like, 'f-it,' and they start to look tie-dye.

Some may say, well she wouldn't stick the stickers on the dresser if you watched her more closely. To that I say come on over, have at it. Because as you are trying to discipline one for getting in the jelly, another is upstairs sticking stickers she found in her color book on her dresser, and then coming down the stairs with them all over her face asking me with an exasperated tone, 'Mommy, what happened?', as she looks at the jelly, proceeds to step in it, and as I say, 'Oh no, don't move!', she giggles and takes off, as the other begins to roll in the mess that is on the floor, and in the end, there is jelly and stickers all over. I loathe anything sticky now.

Boys are also wired so completely different than anything I am used to. As I have said before, Ethan is all boy. His favorite words are ball, block, truck, kick,and any given dog's name. I grew up surrounded by females, I mean even our pets were girls. Kendall I get. Princesses, Barbies, Secret homes in the woods, drawing, doll houses, baby dolls, dress ups, and pocket books. Covered. Ethan loves to play with matchbox cars. He will sit and spin the wheels with his little finger, and run them over things making car noises. He could parallel park, throw his walker in reverse and turn his head in the proper direction as if he were maneuvering a pick up truck at 8 months old. He also likes to empty things out and put them back in. Take things apart only to put them back together again. These things are not limited to toys. On many occasions he has tipped over the trash can only to put the trash back in. He will spread the dirt I swept into a pile all over the floor, and then attempt to put it back in the pile. And forget sitting still, now that he cruises everywhere, he is into everything. I pick up Lily's food at least 5 times a day. (and I have tried putting it up, but Lily is rigid, she likes to drink and eat in particular spots, and her fat bottom can't jump that high) Yesterday, I went to get water for them to drink and I came back to find him with the lamp in his hands getting ready to hand it to Kendall. I suppose he thought she wanted some light for her doll house. (mind you this lamp is as tall as him) And I am not lying this boy can throw a ball. I can't even throw as accurate as him. Ethan also loves watching trucks go by and it is the most wonderful morning of the week when the trash truck comes! He can hear that sucker coming from blocks away and will speed crawl to his window to await their arrival. I have since placed some tractors and trucks on the ledge for his entertainment as he waits for the trash men. When they come he screams at them, in his own way cheering them on. So to all you trash men. You are my little boys hero.

Oh but he is my boy. I have big plans for him. I like to think he is the cutest of all boys.

And Kendall she is moving at warp speed in her vocabulary and understanding of things of this world. However, she is still somewhat confused when it comes to some things, for instance, she will cry and say, 'Mommy, you hurt my feelings,' and I will ask her, 'Oh Kendall how did I hurt your feelings?' and she will answer, 'on my ______ (fill in the body part).' Her coin phrase of the week is, 'you did that,' or ' I did that; on purpose.' So some examples would be, 'Mommy, you turned the t.v. off on purpose,' or 'you yelled at me on purpose.' or ' E took that from me, on purpose.' or my favorite, 'Daddy is snoring on purpose.' It is good she is learning at two that we all have a purpose. Perhaps some day she will tell me mine. :)

We got a lot of outside time this week. And I am grateful. Despite the snotty noses that have crept back into our home, we did a lot of fun things outside. I LOVE flip flops. I LOVE the air blowing throw my house from open windows, I LOVE fresh air, it produces exhausted children.

So yes Kendall, I took you outside, on purpose.

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