Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hiking for Daffodils.

Our first hike with Mom Mom Mom, (my mom mom), was on friday. Mom Mom wanted to take the kids on an adventure down a path and through the woods of where a home once stood years and years ago, whose gardens still flourish by a stream with daffodils during the first few weeks of April.

It was a rainy morning, so Kendall decided that she needed to carry an umbrella. Part of the hike in on the home's old stone driveway that is covered over with moss and some grass, but it is for the most part, smooth, so that I could push Ethan up in his stroller. Kendall hiked up the hill to the path that Mom Mom led the way to clipping away any sticker bush branches that blocked our way.

The kids were cranky. Ethan was unsure of what was going on, he just knew that he couldn't get down and walk through this stuff, that his hands had to be held close to his sides so that he could not reach sticker bushes, and that Mommy had to balance him on her hip while crossing a stream and bending to pick daffodils.

Kendall on the other hand wanted to do EVERYTHING on her own and therefore screamed in defiance when someone would try to help her. This resulted in Kendall stepping into the cold stream, sliding on her butt down mossy and muddy hills, and getting scolded quite a few times. However, once the daffodils were picked Kendall's mood perked up and she began exploring the woods with her, 'pinescopes.' I have since figured out that pinescopes are binoculars. But, I have yet to figure out the origin of her referring to them as pinescopes. Every once in awhile this will occur, and later in a book or in the rerun of a show I will find out the source of Kendall's word for something we refer to completely different.

Once we got back on the beaten trail, Ethan and Kendall hopped into the stroller and I pushed all 52 pounds of them up the trail which was all up hill to the clearing and back down again, resulting in Ethan falling fast asleep despite his bumpy ride

Kendall and Ethan love going to their Mom Mom Mom & Pop Pop Pop's farm and an agenda is usually set out in place by Kendall a day before we get there. These events include, water coloring, feeding the animals, painting our nails, having a tea party, putting on boo boo patches, not bc we have boo boos, but bc Mom Mom purchases barbie, dora, rainbow, and strawberry shortcake band-aids, and Kendall wears them like they are stickers. We also indulge in playing barbies, walking to get the mail, playing on the porch, and opening the toy bins to completely empty them., numerous times. She attempts to get all of these things done in the first 10 minutes we get there, but once she is settled, they last the entire day and she is exhausted in the end. Yesterday we added on the adventure hike, so I am sure there will be many more of them.

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