Monday, April 28, 2008

The Library

Kendall LOVES the library. We go at least once a week for browsing, drop offs, playing, and picking out new books and movies, and then on most weeks a second day for story time or play time with other kids their ages. If you have a library near you that offers kids programs, you should look into it, Kendall and Ethan love this time. The story time is just about a half hour with music games in between, and each week they get excited to walk in their 'classroom.'

This past Saturday we spent some time there and Kendall was so excited because she had all the toys to herself, well she had to share with her brother, but it seems as though we went during everyone's nap time on a rainy Saturday. I was relieved there were no other kids there because I didn't want to have Ethan flip out bc he had to stay in the stroller and not interact bc I was fearful he was contagious since he wasn't acting like himself that day, and they doctor had thought he might get what Kendall had. So he was able to run free, well, crawl free.

Kendall as I have said before loves books, and Ethan is growing fonder of them with each story time and time spent on my lap reading to him. His favorite is an interactive book about horses. No idea what appeals to him about this because he is scared of real horses.
The children's librarian is named Ms. Biddle (perfect librarian name, I know) and since Kendall has learned her name, she shouts upon entering the kid zone, 'I here Ms. Biddle' whether Ms. Biddle is there or not. This woman even looks like a librarian. If I were to see her somewhere other than the library I would know that her profession was a librarian. She even knows each of the kids by name...and of course likes to reiterate over and over again the importance of not letting your children watch ANY t.v. and just read, read, read. Well, Ms. Biddle, we have failed you in that area. How else would I keep my sanity on some days?

On the sick front it seems as though everyone has escaped the worst of it, but good old mommy. I have had this stomach virus thing for the past three days, killing my appetite and making me just feel yucky. (no, I am not pregnant, not only that it would be impossible to feel anything since it would be way to early for symptoms. but never the less, whenever i have stomach illnesses everyone gasps and asks, are you pregnant? NO! can't a girl be sick??!?) On the bright side, maybe I will drop a few more pounds. Ethan again has a runny nose, cold stuff going on, I think that was his end of Kendall's illness. He has a hoarse voice which I tell him is from crying/whining too much.

Ethan got his one year immunizations yesterday, finally! They were put off again, and again, and again, from his ear infection. It has finally cleared, the threat of tubes put off for at least one more infection, and he has got his boo-boo patches. He was so mad after he got his shots that he swatted at the nurse and growled at her. I think we have got a temper on the rise. And Kendall asked when it was over, 'are we done Mommy?' and I answered, 'yes.', to which she replied, 'good, let's get out of here!'

Today we are off to the, you guessed it, library, for story time, then to good old target for some bum supplies, and random things I remember I need, and then hopefully some naps.

Now how am I going to make this hair presentable?!?!

Kendall INSISTS upon wearing her friend Meghan's jammies every night! We had to borrow jammies one night and now every time I get them through the wash and she spots them she is reminded of them and shouts, 'I wear Meghan's jammies to sleep!!!' I think I now have to hide them and then try to remember where I stashed them so I can return them the next time we see them.

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