Friday, April 25, 2008

I don't feel good...

Kendall has taken up residence in our bed because, she doesn't feel good. She woke up Wednesday night with 103 fever. It got so high at one point that she was seeing dogs run around her room, and polka dotted balls bouncing off our walls. It was scary and funny at the same time. She was so very alert for 1 a.m., and I just knew she wasn't having a dream, she had a fever and it was making her see things. I took her to the doctor first thing yesterday morning and her ears were clear and it looked like she might have some sores on the back of her throat. He said to continue with the tylenol and that she has a virus and that it is no longer contagious since she has broken out with the sores, but that Ethan most likely is carrying it. yuk. So we shall see if he breaks out with a fever in the next couple of days. Kind of puts a damper on the weekend. But so far they have the same energy and food consumption levels as before. However, Kendall has learned how to milk an illness and woke up again last night and I went in and said what I usually say to her 5 out of 7 nights a week (she is a TERRIBLE sleeper), 'Kendall, it isn't morning time, go back to sleep,' and she turned to me and said, ' I don't feel good, I sleep in your room.' I asked her where she didn't feel good, and she responded, 'my elbow.' So needless to say I scooped her up and brought her in, because what if she really didn't feel good? She has got us wrapped around her finger.

UPDATE: Upon waking Kendall announced, 'I feel good today.'

In other events, it seems as though the landscapers are again attempting to give us some grass in the patchy areas. Do they not realize our soil is embedded with rocks and needs to be tilled? Well whatever, it is keeping Ethan busy as he stands and watches them work. So when they come back and have to do it over again, he again will get to be busy watching them and I can get some things done as he yells 'Tractor!' and 'Truck!' Over and over again.

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