Monday, June 29, 2009

Annie are you O.K.?

If you know me, you know I can't let the passing of a pop icon go without even mentioning it. I am not going to defend the man Michael Jackson, I mean if I did that I might stir up those facebook people who are happy about his passing, which to me is just absolutely plain old mean. Let me remind you that you know the sayings,' let those without sin can cast the first stone,' and innocent until proven guilty, but that is neither here nor there, we are all also entitled to our own opinions.

Beyond all these personal affairs and so on and so forth was most likely, in my opinion, the best music, the best videos, and the best dancing.I will be the first to admit that in his personal life, he was strange. Plastic surgeries? Enough said. Oh one more thing, remember when his hair caught on fire filming that Pepsi commercial? What a shame. Anyway, back on point.

I know I just may sound redundant, and that many people over the weekend have said this exact same thing, but Michael Jackson's music is what I grew up on. It's what I sang along with, it's what I danced to, and it's what shaped my musical taste, and people knew this. I am not kidding when I tell you that on Friday I got the most texts in one hour I have ever received. All from people knowing that I would be upset about Michael's passing. I may just get some sympathy cards in the mail. Now mind you, I am not one of those fans who screamed and cried when I saw him on tv or something, I just enjoyed his music. By the way, isn't that a little strange? Is that just me? I fully admit that I have never cried over someone famous when I saw them or the urge to. Can someone explain this to me, what causes this?

Here is a bit of where it got started. My aunts. Oh were they Michael Jackson fans. I used to spend a lot of time at my grandparents home because they were to be emulated. My A. Amy who I am closest to in age has always been a big sister to me, and if she liked it, you better believe I did. Of course there was MTV, we used to sit and watch videos over and over again, which is most likely where I got my sweet dancing skills from, or something like that. There were posters adorning the bedroom walls, and there was even a silver glittered glove. Amy still in fact has the original Thriller record from my grandparents home in her possession. Amy, lock it up, there are crazies out there who read this blog and want that...myself included.

When I took dances classes one year we were going to perform to 'Smooth Criminal.' I thought at the time this was quite possibly the best choice my teacher could have made. Our costumes included the hat that Michael wore in the video. Speaking of videos, yes, in fact I did tape the Thriller video and play, rewound, played, fast forwarded, and everything to master the Thriller dance when I was young. No, I have never forgotten it, and in fact performed it with one of the residents I take care of in front of everyone else on Saturday for some lollipops. Don't ask me to do it again if you are under the age of 80 and unless I have had some beverages.One thing I never did master was the Moonwalk. Have you ever watched Michael Jackson dance? Incredible.

I never met someone that enjoyed Michael's music and dancing like I did amongst my peers. I think he was more in the generation before me, my generation liked New Kids on the Block, Tiffany, so on and so forth. Then I met Jayme Amos. He just might be 100 times better at performing like Michael than I am, maybe it is because he is a guy, regardless, I am calling him out on it. If you know him, go ahead and play some Billie Jean in front of him from your ipod. I can pretty much guarantee he will perform.

I don't care what you say about me. When a Michael Jackson song comes on, you will find me singing and dancing. My kids, in fact, also dance to his tunes more than any other. You know you have found yourself singing and/or dancing too and some point or another. I dare you to play this play list and not. You can't.

So thanks Michael, for the moves, the tunes, and all the memories I have because of them.

Here are some of my favs. You know you are good when a person has 19 favorite songs of yours, and there is more to pick from. I couldn't believe it when I was compiling the list....'oh can't forget that one....,oh that one too.' So get down in your office, your cubicle, you kitchen, your living room. Dance with you dog, your coworkers, your mom, your kids, your know you want to.

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