Friday, June 19, 2009

First Question of Two, from my lovely daughter.

My days are filled with questions from two little voices. From Ethan it is mostly, 'why,' or his new favorite, 'what are you laughing about Mommy?' Whenever I laugh he needs to know why, again entwining two of his most popular questions.

However, I can always count on 2 questions every single day from Kendall. She will always ask them without fail. The first one is, 'can we go to Disney World today?' It is as if one day I am just going to say, 'alright, good idea, let's load up the van, put dinner in the crock pot, and spend a day doing this.' It seems as though since our trip to Sesame Place with her friends Emma & Meghan, a trip to Disney World must go something like that for her since she has no real comprehension of time just that she woke up in her bed that morning, and went to sleep that night in it as well. Oh my love, Disney World is much grander, we don't sleep at home when we go there.

My first excuse instead of going into our tight budget since Mommy only works a part time job so she can stay home and take care of you, and whipping out the dry erase board and power point to explain how the failing economy has taken a direct hit on our lives, it was simply that Ethan was afraid of airplanes. When she asked, I would say, 'well Ethan is afraid of airplanes, and remember we have to get on an airplane to go to Disney. Right E, would you get on an airplane?' To which he would promptly reply, 'no, I scared.' And that was that.

Besides Ethan being afraid to fly, he is also afraid of costumed things, which I have mentioned before, and this could go either way in Disney. He loves Disney characters, but I am not sold that he would not go into complete panic when seeing a real life Mickey Mouse. So could you imagine spending that money on Disney that you really don't have that would be better spent on something else to have him scream and live in anxiety the entire week anticipating a creature lurking around every corner, uh, no thanks.

Kendall quickly found a solution to this flying issue. Other relatives. She knows that Molly & Brynn went to Disney, and so the last time I presented my speech on Ethan and flying, waiting for my little man's response that was the cherry on top of my argument, she says, 'That's ok E, Aunt Amy will take me with Molly and Brynn.'

I have since explained that Molly and Brynn just went to Disney and it costs just so much money to go, and they have to save to get to go again. The next morning, guess who is coming in my room to wake me up with a duffel bag bursting with clothing? Yup. 'Uh where are you going Kendall?' 'Mom Mom and Pop Pop are taking me to Disney World today.' So we had a heart to heart. 'We are not going to Disney until you are a little bit bigger.'

This week Kendall woke up crying due to an accident in her pants in the middle of the night. As I am helping her get changed I ask her why she is crying, accidents happen, in her half asleep state she proclaims to me, 'Now I pee peed in my pants, I am never going to get bigger and go to Disney World!!!!!!!!!!'

The question still comes, now with the added, 'Mommy, am I big enough to go to Disney World today?' For the love.

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