Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Ethan

Yesterday our little man turned 2. My little surprise baby is 2, I can't believe it, time has gone so fast. Andy tells me all the time, that Ethan was not a surprise, I say he certainly was. Reason being, Andy and I went through 5 years of infertility problems until we had Kendall. Miscarriages, no cycles, no eggs, hormone not working, so on and so forth. Many say to write a book about it, maybe one day I will just blog about it, writing a book is so daunting. However, after I had Kendall I just assumed that when I was ready to have another baby, I would go back to the specialist and start all over again. Little did I know, that when Kendall was just 4 months old, apparently my body was ready. I still took hormones while pregnant the first 12 weeks, a little late on the start this time since I didn't know I was pregnant until 6 weeks. With Kendall I knew the egg was fertilized a few days after it happened...medical miracles I tell you. I still was high risk the first 12 weeks, but Ethan worked his magic and stuck around, and now he is 2, I don't know what I would do without him.

I blog about Kendall a lot. That is because Kendall is the most outspoken of the two, she is much more social, and much, much more domineering. Oh but this is all to E.

Ethan was born on a Sunday morning, we were watching Action News, Walter Perez was reporting, incidentally we have his double running stroller, he is a neighbor of my aunt, and he too, has several little ones around the same age. Ethan was a tank to birth. Of course, of course, I had an epidural, so I am not a birthing warrior, and will never try to be. However, the epidural took the opposite effect on me with this birth, and I could not feel the contractions at all, but you better believe I felt that birth. Ethan has a very large head, inherited from me, and pushing that sucker out was no small task, oh here's hoping the next one has a pin head like Daddy and Kendall. No joke, E wears just about the same size hat as Andy.

I was so nervous about having a boy, but here is a little secret I have found this past 2 years, they are so much easier then girls, by far! I would gladly welcome another boy or girl into my home, but if I had the choice, and I don't so it doesn't really matter, I would pick more boys hands down.

Ethan is the epitome of a boy, he is all boy, but with the added twist of having a big sister. So yes, he does play barbies, but his barbies get eaten by dinosaurs. He does in fact play fairy princess, but he is always the prince and willingly kisses the princess to wake her up from her eternal sleep. He does play baby dolls, but his babies are usually flying down the stairs and then having to go to the doctor.Ethan does play store, but usually his cart is the one that crashes into the shelves and all the items are scattered all over the floor making a huge mess. Ethan loves to play trucks, look at trucks, and ride in trucks. Ethan loves to play ball, watch other kids play ball, and could last all day kicking a ball back and forth with you. Ethan has no patience for dilly dallying as Kendall and I like to do, and if you feed him, he is happy. Ethan really does enjoy a good meal and a good nap. He really is a no nonsense kind of guy.

Ethan can now talk in 2-3 word phrases, can tell me the need that needs to be met, and what Kendall did to him. Like a boy, he tells me the necessities, there is no time for conversation, there is playing to be done.

However, Ethan can be very sensitive. Ethan is embarrassed easily, his feelings get hurt easy, and he is always concerned as to where his Mommy and Kendall are, if one of us is not in the room, he is in hot pursuit to find us. Ethan loves animals, and was in his element at the zoo yesterday.

If you wanted to know if the male and female brain really are different come spend a day in my house. Kendall and Ethan do have similar interests, but the way they process, handle, and achieve things is completely different.

Ethan is a complete Mama's Boy still, and I love it so very much. However, he now does let other's he is comfortable with care for him, and I am allowed out of his sight for an extended period of time.

Ethan is also built like a tank. He is only 31 pounds and probably just about 3 feet, but he is a thick kid, with a thick neck, strong legs, big strong hands, and is just solid.

Andy always says that Ethan is pretty, and Kendall always corrects him by saying, 'No Daddy, girls are pretty, boys are handsome.' And Andy always replies, 'No, Kendall, your brother is pretty.' And I do agree. Ethan is quite a looker. I may be bias, but those big brown eyes,long eyelashes, and pouty lips are going to break girls hearts, because they already have that affect on old ladies.

Just like Kendall, in my world, the sun and the moon set on Ethan. The task I have been given to raise this little man is great, but a task I have no other desire than to put my everything into.

So we go into another year, Ebee, and my love for you is greater with each passing moment.

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