Thursday, March 12, 2009

Idol Recap

First and absolutely foremost. Paula's face. What in the world was that about? Talk about face lift, that thing was pulled so tight I was amazed she could open her mouth to speak. And I think she went into Ivana Trump's wardrobe and stole one of her dresses, she was a bit overdressed for the occasion, to say the least. I am just waiting for the overdose to happen live on air. There is no way she is not on something her voice shakes, she shakes, she is very erratic. I just feel so bad for Paula, I mean remember the good old days of 'Opposites Attract,' and Emilio? I think I would be so embarrassed if she was crying and gushing over my performance of a Michael Jackson song, I mean really, it was week one.

They had to pick and sing a Michael Jackson, how not hard is this task? I am a huge fan of Michael's music, probably the best pop artist of all time, its just a shame about the plastic surgery and the silly get ups, isn't that just so strange? Anyway back to American Idol.

So what did I think if the performers? Well the showboat,(Adam Lambert), did have the best performance, when I watch him sing and do whatever it is he does, again, I just feel awkward.

However, my favorite performance of the night was Matt. I just like his style and his voice.

And Phew, Anoop, just squeezed on by, I again, like him, I think the others take this all too seriously, I guess maybe they should, but his laid back approach, I really like. Had Jorge gotten through, I would not have been a happy Idol watcher.

And we said goodbye to Jasmine, Kendall felt a little sympathy for her and said,'That's not nice they sent her home not to sing anymore, Mommy.' Yeah well life's rough. The two people I wanted off were sent home, what more can a girl want?

And Megan, poor Megan, definite wrong song choice, but what was she supposed to sing, it was Michael Jackson for Pete's sake. I agree with her choice to go more with the Jackson 5, I just don't know what I would have done with her. But if she would please, please stop dancing I would be so happy. I have to close my eyes or look away and just listen to her, I can't watch her dance, it is just humiliating for me to watch this pretty girl move like that. Someone needs to tell her, stand still.

Does anyone else get nervous when watching the group perform for Scott? I am so afraid that he is going to fall off the stage or knock into someone, I can only focus on him when they are all together to make sure he is ok. It's distracting me from their lip syncing. Which brings me to a bigger question...Why are they lip syncing their group performance, they are not even close to matching it up, it is just terrible, its like watching Britney Spears in concert. I always wonder why people would want to go and see her perform, she lip syncs the entire concert and you paid like $100 for that.

So my forgettable performances of the night: Lil Rounds,Scott, Michael Sarver, Alexis Grace, (can she please put on some clothes), Jasmine, and poor Anoop.

The memorable performances of the night: I suppose the showboat, Allison, (even though she had a terrible outfit), Danny,C(K)hris, and my sweet underdog, Matt.

The embarrassing performances of the night: Megan & Jorge.

So that's my recap from this week.

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