Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So Long, Farewell...

Dear Old Man Winter,

Unfortunately this year, we are not sad to see you go. You really gave us a hard time this season. You produced snow that could not make snowmen. You left the days so bitterly cold and windy that on a simple sprint to the car, Ethan would freeze into position screaming and cursing you for chapping his cheeks and freezing his hands.

Speaking of chapping. You also gave our potty trainer who has inherited no hips from Joan Lyons chapped cheeks of another kind. You see, Kendall's body has no curves, much like her mother, who is much like her grandmother. So what happens is when there is a diaper missing, there is no cushion or padding, and when little ones with no curves run about in the cold weather, the chaffing starts, leaving sore stingy bottoms, and oh does it hurt!

You ran up our electric bill because Andy likes to be tremendously warm, and reside in a tropical climate all year long, you were way too cold to bear.

You tricked us 2 weeks ago, we thought you might be gone for good. So much so that we chanted Springs praises all the way during our walk to the park. What a glorious arrival it had made.

But then you kicked her right out on her tush, and showed her who was boss.

We did have fun on your last blast, Ethan finally decided that it was fun to play in the snow. But now it looks like you may be gone for good. My daffodils are starting to sprout up through the soil, which means that Spring told them it is safe for them to come out.

I also would like to balk about the appearance you leave behind after you wreak havoc. The ground is so muddy, the grass is brown, everything is wet, and it just looks really ugly, couldn't you just clean the place up before you left?

So goodbye old chum, perhaps next year will be better. Perhaps Kendall will learn to ski, and Ethan might want to sled. But until then...Good Riddance. We say this in good faith because Spring has already returned to me the cell phone you took and hid. The warm sun melted the snow revealing the best present so far...it still works too. Nice Try.

The Fink Family
We have no qualms about leaving you behind.

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