Friday, January 16, 2009

A conversation between my daughter and my sister...

So we were at Mom Mom Mom's today, working on Kendall's 'big girl bed.' She is getting the bed I had while growing up, only, I am painting it white to go with her decor.

My mother's biggest horror, painting over finished wood. I think it looks a lot cuter white...but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Yes, we are just now upgrading Kendall to a big girl bed. I am a huge follower are in this crib until you have mastered climbing in and out of it a good 10 times for good measure, or you turn 3. I like the control a crib has over children. You get out of it on my time. Kendall will be 3 February 13th...the time has come. All hell is about to break loose. I know it. I am calling it now. There will be a child staring in my face scaring me awake at 5 a.m. There will be visits to our room at least 30 times a night for this and that. But being a social worker, I am a little rusty, but something tells me that letting your child sleep in a crib until they are 13 is not allowed. So it is time. Do mothers ever really sleep? I don't know. I will let you know. It's like one phase after another all surrounding, sleep. On top of moving to a big girl bed, I think this 3 year old may also be growing out of naps...another topic, another time.

So I was cleaning up the craft room, yes my grandmother has a craft room. No need to wonder anymore where I get it from. Regardless, I head Kendall saying, 'let me off of this thing, you,' over and over again. So I eventually go upstairs and find Michelle, Mom Mom, and Kendall in the bathroom, just hanging out. Strange. That we are. I say to Kendall, 'What's going on in here?' And I get the lowdown...

'Well, Aunt Shelly, said I had to go pee pee, but I did not have to go pee pee. Then I wanted my nails painted, but Shelly said not until I go pee pee, but I not have to go pee pee. And then Shelly says, well no nails painted. And then I said, I don't have to go! And then I got up, and I sit here, and well, my nails aren't painted, because I not have to go pee pee.'

Was there breaths in between all these statements? Minimal. Is my daughter now having full fledged conversations with me about a previous conversation she had? No doubt about it, she came from me. Speaking a mile a minute about the injustice of not having nails painted all while requiring minimal oxygen supply to go on and on, its unnatural. Reminds me of plenty of tirades that have flown out of my mouth. The failing economy? How about them not deciding on a station that will have the new season of Project Runway? And sometimes my husband wonders why she acts the way she does...flashback.

More recent comments from Kendall...'I am so sick and tired...' 'I have just about had it...' 'Oh just forget it...' It's like playing a recording...of me.

So I suppose it is time for the big girl bed, because in just a short while she will be throwing herself on it all dramatic like because I said she wasn't allowed to wear make up.

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