Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Brave Lion & the Timid Lamb

It snowed yesterday, and as I have mentioned before, I don't listen to the weather forecasters anymore. On any given day you should just wake up, step outside, and have a good idea of what may happen that day...well a much better perspective then let's say Accu-Weather.

Andy had the day off, thanks to Martin, and as it kept snowing and snowing, and snowing even more, we decided instead of suffering from cabin fever to go out in it. So off to Mom Mom & Pop Pop's we went, the winter activity center of Upper Bucks County. Seriously, a frozen pond, a quad, makeshift sledding hills fit for a small child, skates in all sizes except really small like Kendall and really big like Andy, food, hot chocolate, a fire, and games. What did I forget? My camera.

So Kendall is in love with winter weather. She did not want to come inside. The only person that was able to convince her to come inside for lunch was Erin, and that is because Erin loves tuna fish too. I don't know, that was the agreement they came up with. Ethan also spent a good 2 hours or so out in the snow. Very unusual for him. However I think it was one of those times where you just did it because it makes your parents happy. Like a trip to a museum, or a hike up a mountain, I didn't enjoy those activities, per se, I more or less did it to appease my parents. I think Ethan has caught on to this, and in his little head it is, 'o.k, I give it an hour or so, and that's it people.' So he ran across the frozen pond and just watched the kids play and at the first mention of going in to eat lunch, he was ready to move. Kendall went sledding down the back hill of the pond, made her snow angels, pretended she was an ice skater humming tunes and all. We asked Ethan if he wanted to go down the hill on the sled...'No.' The answer came out before we could even complete the question. Anything that involves risk, Ethan is dead set against. He values life, what can I say?

We went inside for some chow, and Kendall went right downstairs to get ready to go outside,set on building a snowman. She has been bound and determined to do this since the weather turned cold, threatening possible snow. The snow that fell yesterday, however, was on the fluffy side, and so packing was not a viable option. Mom Mom decided that we could make this snowman lying down, so Erin, Kendall, Ryan, and Mom Mom made a horizontal snowman.

Where was E? I told him we were going back out, asked if he too wanted to go out---'No.' Interrupted again. So he stayed in with A. Amy and Pop Pop Pop, more his style I suppose.

Andy got Ryan's quad started and immediately Kendall stated, 'I want to drive that too.' Well she wasn't allowed to drive it, she couldn't reach the pedals and the concept of shifting is just too much for an almost 3 year old to grasp I think. So she rode with Andy, begging and begging to go faster and faster.

A. Amy was inside with Ethan and he was watching out the window, and when asked if he too wanted to go on the quad, ready and repeat, 'No'

Kendall stayed out with everyone for a good 2 hours. I was cold, I went in, she was the last one in, and not at all happy about it.

When we got home Andy was dying to continue the snow day extravaganza and saw our neighbor's kids outside in the water basin area sledding. He shared that he was going to go and build them a jump. So Kendall and Ethan and I went upstairs to snuggle up and watch a movie from the comforts of my bed. We get all cozy in the blankets, and Kendall proclaims, 'I want to go sledding too.' So I beckoned Andy back in, got her prepared, and off they went. Ethan, well I think you have the gist of what Ethan decided to do by now.

Andy called and told me we had to come out and see Kendall. She was riding down the hill by herself, on a giant snow tube, hitting the jump, and loving it. After 30 minutes of convincing, Ethan and I went out. He had one prerequisite, no boots, sneakers. I think he thought that if he wore the sneakers there was no way we could stay out there long. I got some shots of the snow bunny, and then she was done and hungry.

E patiently waiting for Kendall to show off her sledding skills.

The Vans he insisted upon wearing.

Kendall and Daddy rosy cheeked and quite tired.

A blurry shot of Kendall hitting the jump, it was the only one I could get, it was pitch black out.

Kendall had an awesome snow day, did you?

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