Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Get Down On It Wednesday

So my mix tape website shut down. We were so sad because they were a pretty awesome site, specifically if you made mix tapes back in the day. Ok, perhaps it was just pretty awesome to just me, but that really is all that counts on my blog, right? So it looks as though we will have to step up and just put a play list on the site if I want to continue with the mixes, and I do, my friends musical stylings are intriguing. So here goes...

I can't have it on Mondays anymore in respect for the mix tapes, so I will serve it up on Wednesday. Wednesdays are a day that I attempt to get a lot done, especially when it is rainy like this and I need the motivation, and so Get Down on It Wednesday is here...

I will start it off with some favorites from the past year, everyone likes to recap a previous year with some highlights, I will do it with some tunes.

1. Get Down on It-Kool & the Gang. This song is just great who cannot not dance to this song? I don't know, we do every time it is on. So that is why Get Down on It Wednesday has its name, its a great groove to get down to. What song do you get down to? Get ready I will be asking you.

And, no duh, it didn't come out this year, but Kool and the Gang...timeless.

2. Lucky-Jason Mraz- feat. Colbie Caillat. I have loved Jason since he first came out on the scene, his voice is quirky, his song writing is catchy, and his style is up my alley. So he decides to team up with the voice behind 'Bubbly,' and their voices just go together. Like it. Doesn't she look like Jennifer Aniston? I was kind of over the whole 'Bubbly' song like 30 seconds after it came out, but she sounds better when in a duet, and not singing about being about a ridiculous feeling, bubbly? Really?

3. American Boy-Estelle-feat. Kayne West. I know, I am way into songs by artists featuring other artists it seems, but I do enjoy a good beat, and this song has it. And Kayne West, I really like him. I know, he is super cocky and says he is the greatest artist and all that, but I think he may be on to something...

4. Love Story-Taylor Swift. She is getting credit for being the best new artist of the year. She is young, she sings country, so that is two strikes against her right there in regards to my musical taste. Because I do not like country, and I absolutely do not like anyone who is grouped with Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. However, I am always into second chances, so I look in to her, turns out she writes her music and she is a bit of a spitfire...she is growing on me.

5. Fairytale-Sara Bareilles. I have mentioned her before. She is a pretty cool chick. Sort of like the Sarah McLaughlin of today, but to me she is better, she has a little more pep to her music instead of the super mellowness that is Sarah. This song adds humor to what is the Princess fascination, which is right up my alley.

6. Green Light-John Legend- feat. Andre 3000. Another artist featuring another artist. Perhaps that was my trend for 2008. But I have liked John Legend since he came out to the scene, he has a soulful vibe to him that I like, because I am in love with Stevie Wonder and all his music. And Andre 3000, I have enjoyed him since Outkast.

7. What You Thought You Need-Jack Johnson. Jack Johnson will most likely always be a pick for me, every year, any day. His music is a great soundtrack to life. And he is just the epitome of cool. He makes you want to just move to the ocean's edge and take in life. I love this song from his most recent makes me think of a date with my man...well if we actually got one. ;)

8. That Dress Looks Nice On You-Sufjan Stevens. This is my new artist for 2008. This song was not released in 2008, but it is new to me. Check out wikipedia for info on him, pretty cool cat.

9. Single Ladies-Beyonce. Ok. So I am not single, he liked, and he did put a ring on it really isn't my woman chant to be shouting out the windows, however, if you saw my son dance to it every time it came on, you too would decide to get up and get down with him. It's catchy. But I must mention that I do not like this new leotard look that Beyonce has been styling when performing this song, kind of strange.

10. Dreaming with a Broken Heart-John Mayer. I used to really like John Mayer, and then he opened his mouth to speak and not sing, and he got on my nerves. But he pencils some good tunes, so I am a little torn. So he is my broken musical relationship of 2008.

11. Get Up Off Of That Thing-James Brown. Ok so obviously, he has not released some new tunes from beyond, but since when I ask you what your play list of fav. tunes, you will need to include a song you get down to, this is another one of mine, it was almost Get Up Off Of That Thing, Thursday, but Kool and the Gang won out with my kids.

Bottom Line: Dance Parties are fun. Have one today. Gather. Let loose. We will be.

*Note: if for some reason, you're computer is taking a long time to display the playlist, like some have mentioned, and you really want to groove, just click the black box underneath that says Pop Out Player, and you will be able to shake it right away.*

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