Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Family Fun Times

Who doesn't love a good healthy dose of Family Time at Mom Mom's? Even if they are sick the next morning? I know I love it. We got together at Mom Mom's because well, because it is nice to all get together for dinner, but also because Mom Mom has enstilled in us a tradition, that being going to other family members homes to look at their trees and also to see what you got for Christmas. These events can take place before and after Christmas, but this Christmas was a little hectic, so we did it after. Mom Mom's tree is glorious, always, but for some reason I don't have a picture of it. But I don't think I would be able to get a good shot of it. I am not skilled enough to capture something with a trazillion glowing lights on it and not have it be blurry, so just know that it was sparkly and decorated gold and red.

By the way if your Christmas Tree is still up, you have gone over the time limit.
Take the darn thing down.

It was also Ryan's 20th Birthday. Kendall and Ethan LOVE birthdays, good thing they have some of their own coming up. They are always front and center for a birthday celebration and Kendall loves to dote over whomever is having the birthday. It really makes you feel all special, really, come celebrate your birthday with us, you will feel like the king and queen of the universe for that day...wonder who let her know birthdays are SO very important and that the person having one IS the center of the universe?

Getting the Ice Cream Sundae Pies ready for singing and wishing.

Ethan blowing out the candles mid 'Happy Birthday.' Timmy thinks this is hilarious.

The right time to blow out the candles.

Ethan getting brain freeze.

Kendall's Ice Cream Pie creation, she wanted to be like the big kids.

We also enjoyed games of Blockhead by the fire...I have blogged on Blockhead before, very important game to play. I mean you can even make one of your own, just go get some blocks of wood and shape them all crazy, maybe even paint them different colors for some flair. Do they even sell Blockhead anymore? Erik Szabo would know. I know free publicity, what's up with that? Looked it up, looks like they do in a really great retro box for $10. Get one for your next Birthday recipient, its that great. Turns out you can play online also, but how would that work, you need gravity to play Blockhead, something the internet does not have.

Concise placement and concentration is required to succeed; as demonstrated here.

Erin succeeding at Blockhead, I think it might be the glasses.

The fire by which Blockhead was played.

Jack loves Ethan, Ethan loves Jack. It's like a little dog loving a boy relationship except we don't have the dog in our own home. So when Ethan was off playing, Jack decided to take a nap on the beloved blanket of my sons.

This is Andy Kitty. Remember him, the rescued cat from our home that we found as a kitten in our garden and took to Mom Mom's, brother to Sylvia? Here he is. He is now a fanciful adolescent. Such a good find, he is a handsome little devil, huh?

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