Friday, January 9, 2009

A Dose of a Princess Wanna Be

This is our resident Princess singing her favorite princess song of the moment. She does only know one verse, but we won't let her know, she thinks this is what the song consists of, a chorus over and over again...some people think that of many songs and they are much older than 'almost 3.' So I cut it off third time through because it just gets more fantastical and she begins running and dancing around the house. One of these days I am hoping animals come running in dancing and singing and start cleaning up my house.

Pardon the snot nose, hair in face,and grogginess we have just woken up and have a cold. On most days, she wakes up in princess mode, I mean Cinderella woke up singing, why not Kendall? I love when E pops in the background, like what the heck is she doing? Princess songs at 8 a.m.?!?!

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