Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cool Tricks

There are not many things that Ethan can do that Kendall cannot. Such is the life of a younger sibling. However, there are those random cool tricks that Ethan can do which leaves his sister in competition mode because she cannot. Some of these things are beat boxing...yes, thanks to Biz Markie who is on 'Yo Gabba Gabba,' Ethan now beat boxes when we ask him at act like Biz. Ethan is also now break dancing. This is in part to many of the dancing reality competitions on television that I am obsessed with. He loves when B Boys are featured, and loves even more reenacting their style. None of these skills have been completely mastered, but they are hilarious to watch, but quite difficult to capture on film, since he is a bit camera shy and will stop when the camera is rolling.

Today I was clicking my tongue and I heard a little someone doing it behind me, I turned expecting to see Kendall, but it was E. Kendall then tried to do it also, but could not. So another Cool Trick...he even let me capture it on film, he must be confident with this one. Kendall also let me capture her on film trying oh so hard to master this. Oh and yes, that is a head band he has on his head, he was just at Kendall's salon. And if you listen, you can hear the infamous nasally, 'Nooo....,' that he continues to bestow us with.

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