Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thanks a lot Weather Man!

There is no snow on the ground? Where is the snow? How will we build a snowman? Is this all? Is it supposed to snow more?

I worked all day Saturday during this treacherous snow storm. The storm that was to be the biggest in 3 years. The snow storm that was to bring us inches, plural.

Phone calls began at 9 a.m.

Is this all we are getting? I thought there was supposed to be snow? Can we build a snowman? Can we go outside?

These questions were posed to me by my 2 oldest children, Andy and Kendall.

Next time it is going to snow...I am not telling them. If we wake up in the morning and there just happens to be snow on the's a miracle.

Reason...long ago I knew this, but I still was holding out hope. When it comes to snow, the weather 'people,' so Cecily is included, are ALWAYS wrong.

But they did venture out...with the warning, Ethan HATES to be cold.

Kendall first made a snow angel. Her memory is like an elephant...I don't know what that implies, but supposedly an elephant has a good memory? Regardless, she remembered making snow angels with me last year. I am not sure if she realizes that making snow angels actually leaves an imprint in the snow of an angel. I think she thinks that lying on your back in the snow and moving your arms up and down is an activity to do in the snow, similar to sledding, and we call it, 'making snow angels.'

They also went sledding with Brent, Mariah, and Daddy. In true Ethan fashion, the snow and cold proved to be too much for him and so within 5 minutes, Aunt Fran took him back home. Told you so.:) Kendall on the other hand, loved the sledding and was able to do it again on Sunday in the little water basin just across the street from our house. Just big enough of a hill for Kendall to think it is the greatest time ever.

Ever since they have enjoyed walking through the remnants of snow each time we venture out for some errands. I think they love the crunching it makes.

I have forgotten how much of a clean up playing in the snow is. Salt on the floor, puddles of water here and there that have dried leaving rings on my floor, boots everywhere, mittens thrown across the room. ugh.It is pretty to look at though isn't it? The snow I mean.

What to do when there isn't too much snow to play in?

Pretend there is, in Mommy's snow boots.

So like I said next time it snows we aren't talking about it until there is a substantial amount on the ground...the incessant questioning from those who can speak clearly in our home can drive you mad.It's either that or we move out west where we are guaranteed some inches when they say it is going to snow.

So instead at Story Time this week, we read about snow, and created some snowmen craftily.Kendall's in on the right, Ethan's done in typical E style is on the left, they glued the snow balls and nose on where they saw fit...and obviously I drew on E's face...but isn't Kendall quite the Picasso?

Now this, this is a snow storm...

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