Friday, January 2, 2009

Finally...Christmas Day

So now that the holidays have officially died down, and the stomach bug seems to be on hiatus for another night, fingers crossed, I have some time to download the pics and share the Christmas joy that the kids and Andy and I shared.

Santa came here in all his glory.
And Freddie left with him to prepare for his visit next Thanksgiving morning.

I hear many people say that they work so hard shopping and stay up so late wrapping for it to all be over in 5 minutes. Not here.

Christmas Eve we went to Honeygram & Poppy's for dinner to exchange gifts, and to go to church with them. Ethan received a big Tonka Truck and backhoe which was unwrapped under their tree. When he spotted them after dinner, he just stared at them whispering...'trucks'....until he was given permission to get them out, he was so excited. All he said he wanted from Santa was trucks, so this was a wish granted.

Kendall was very agreeable to getting ready for Santa that night and getting to bed. She and Daddy placed the magic key that opens all doors in a special spot outside, and left for Santa cookies, milk and a note that said, "Santa, thanks for coming to town. Here are some cookies we made for you. Enjoy! Love, Kendall & Ethan.' (dictated by Kendall)

I definitely did work hard shopping. I was given a budget to stay in and I watched my chosen items closely to see when they would go on sale and where. (pat,pat on my back) Target, people. That was the place to be this holiday season. At least the one in Quakertown. I don't want to give my secret away for fear that it may be spoiled, but this Target is nestled away. It is away from the mall and pretty far up 309, so what you are looking for is going to be in stock, and when things go on sale massively for Target as a whole, they will have the items there. Also, people in Quakertown prefer Walmart, no idea why, perhaps it is just me, but Target is set up for the shopper in me. I did go to Walmart for stocking stuffers to spice it up a bit, but for the most part I stayed at Target. I did my shopping at 9 p.m. on. Next year I think I will just do it online. I had to sneak out of the house at bed time, because once I make a move towards the door and I am not going to work, I usually have volunteers to help me shop.

I did stay up late wrapping. I was up until 3 a.m. Christmas Morning. The only thing on was that ridiculous Duggar family and their reality show. Sometimes they just annoy me. This was one occasion. I know things do not run that smoothly with all those kids running about, and don't tell me otherwise. I know that mother looses her cool at least 6 or 7 times a day, don't play her out to be some alien. And who has 18 or is it 19 children and starts all of their names with the letter J? That is annoying. And with all this publicity and money coming in, please Jim Bob, give your wife a trip to the spa and have them do something with her hair. I just think to some extent enough is enough, and the case of the Duggars you can say this for many things.

So all this wrapping and sleep deprivation, was rewarded by my kids. I know, perfect I tell you.

Kendall with her stocking.

Ethan, super excited about what was sticking out of the top of his stocking,

a dinosaur and a Buzz Lightyeat toy.

We take turns opening gifts, even down to the stocking. There was a few times Kendall took a little too long and Ethan wanted to open his gifts so he got ahead, but would quickly be reminded to wait, and he would say, "kay..." Each gift opened was examined, played with, and showed to the other.

After stockings comes breakfast. I know, we are terrible to make them wait, but it is nice to have a family breakfast. Then we move to opening the gifts under the tree, again taking turns. They wanted to play with each toy they got then and there. Christmas Morning last 3 plus hours.

Santa brought Kendall her princess requests among some other things and brought Ethan some trucks, tools for his tool bench, dinosaurs, and Buzz! (Toy Story movie)

One of her favorite gifts, and of course it had to be princess in nature.

We ate lunch together, played with our new toys, took naps, and then headed to my parents for dinner with them, my sisters, and my grandparents. We opened more gifts there, Kendall of course doting over each gift. Ethan opened his Geo-Trax train from my parents and was beyond excited.

The next day we went to Disney on Ice. There was a tent set up outside which had all the Princess Dresses in them. As we were getting ready to exit I heard Kendall gasp, I looked over in the direction she was looking and there was Cinderella in the flesh. Kendall was so thrilled she could hardly move or speak. Cinderella is Kendall's favorite princess. She waved to Cinderella and just stood there admiring her. I will never get the lack of connection with children and seeing their animated characters become a reality. This is not strange to them. I remember I was the same way, there is no connection between animated and reality when it comes to Disney. Amazing.

The show was a lot of fun. Mickey and Minnie were there and characters from movies. The main part of the show was centered around Tinkerbell. Kendall and Ethan sat still for most of the 2 hours, they only stood up in the last 10 minutes, but even then were paying attention. On the way home Kendall got really upset and was crying because Cinderella was not in the show. This was devastating to her, again, proving that the princess obsession is alive and well. She admitted she loved the show, but was just so sad Cinderella was not on the ice.

Kendall enjoying her snow cone with Daddy and watching the show.

Ethan entertaining himself at intermission, sticking his head between the seats to see if it would fit.

So our Christmas Holiday was a lot of fun. My house now looks like Santa took his giant bag and just opened our roof and dumped a ton of toys in that scattered everywhere, but organization is on its way.

Lily hoarding the candy cane stash...she's a little greedy around the holidays.

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