Thursday, August 6, 2009

And they call it, Puppy Love.

I would like to introduce to you the newest member of our family.
Oh now he is just so cute isn't he?

Why yes, yes he does still have puppy breath.

And why yes, yes, my children did get jumped on, licked all over like they were covered in puppy chow, and nipped at like they were his very own rubber bone on their first afternoon together.

And why yes, Kendall did remark, 'I am not going back to see that puppy until he is 1years old and knows how to be like a big dog!'

Because, he is not technically our dog, he doesn't live in our home. He is the newest addition to the home of my cousins. Timmy received this little guy for his 12th birthday present.

The name of this cuddly wuddly saber toothed canine, is Donovan.

No,now don't go thinking he is named after Donovan McNabb. Timmy will quickly tell you otherwise. It is found in an Irish name book since they are all about being Irish, I guess it is their last name or something. I tend to think that secretly he did name him after Donovan McNabb and is safeguarding himself from the humiliation if the Eagles have yet another disappointing season. I don't blame him.

At one point Donovan had Ethan cornered in the office of my aunt's home and was pouncing all over him, and seemed to be saying, 'come on kid, get up and play, what is your deal? Get up pounce back' While Ethan screamed bloody murder at what he surely presumed was his death.

So needless to say we need to take some precautions in regards to the children and the puppy. Next time they go over I will just have them wear those outfits people wear in self defense classes when they are playing the part of the predator. Nothing seems to get through those get ups.

However, our afternoon getting acquainted with Donovan did get me further onto the get a dog bandwagon which the rest of my family is presently on and has been circling the block for sometime now waiting for me to hop on. I am all about rescuing animals and giving a dog a home that wouldn't otherwise have one. This is clearly an opinion my children now agree with. A dog over a year or so old would be the way to go. It will definitely lessen the chance of being mauled in a dark corner of the home. However, I cannot safeguard against the humping.

Which brings up another whole topic. Why do dogs do this? Ok, some say it is to show dominance and their manliness. I mean really, could they not just bark alot and go drink a beer? That is how, Andy, uh, some guys show they are men.

Anyway, I just thought I should do the honor of introductions between you and the new little fellow in the family. I mean after all there will be pictures of this little schnutzel on the blog, I think it would be rude to leave you just sitting there, feeling all awkward as I ramble on and on about him and what cuteness prevails all around him as he attacks my children with puppy love and then they have nightmares about puppies for the rest of their lives.

They'll adjust...he is that cute.

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