Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lazy, Hazy Days

A look like that can only mean one thing. You know you have seen it and experienced it too. This can only lead to one of those days, and you know you have them. Those days where getting out of jammies just doesn't sound like fun. Kendall will sometimes ask me if we can have a 'Pajama Day.' These are mostly on the days when she decides to nap. It's really awesome that she only naps every once in a blue moon. Kendall was never ever a sleeper. I pulled all nighters with this child when she was a newborn. They say this is a sign of intelligence. I have nothing but lost mine thanks to this. She has since been a wonderful nighttime sleeper, but on most days does not require a nap. We just have down time with book reading and movie watching while Ethan naps. No friends, no crazy activities, just some quiet time. This is my compromise.

I love the lazy days, the jammie days. We snuggle, we read, we nap, we are quiet. On our last lazy day we had massive rainstorms. This also adds to the mellowness of the day. I encourage you to take a lazy day every now and then. If your lives are anything like ours, which I am sure they are since you read this blog, then you are always on the go, always have a full schedule. Lazy Days are required to not only keep the sanity, but to also keep the importance of just being the four of us a top priority.

I will try and make it a regular thing to post pics of my lazy days when we take them so that you are reminded that it is ok to stop time, even if just for a day.

Andy not adhering to the Jammie requirements, but really do we want him walking around all day in his boxer briefs? Yeah, so we let him bend the rules a little bit.

Scene from my set up on lazy day. And yes, that is a cat on the kitchen table. You might think that is gross, I think you have issues. I bleach, ok? Table is clean when you sit down to eat at it. Plus how else is she supposed to enjoy her lazy days if not out of reach from rugrats?

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