Friday, August 21, 2009

So they think they can dance...

So a favorite show in this house is So You Think You Can Dance. I love this show and yes even sometimes I laugh at Mary Murphy. I do. It's her gig people, she is supposed to be obnoxious.

The kids love to dance to it, and I love to pick a winner and get all mad when they don't win. For instance I picked Brandon, clearly not a judges favorite in the beginning. I thought he might be doomed since Mia Michaels had it in for him, but he pulled through, second place. I am sure he will be on tour with like Celine Dion or something. Wait, she is pregnant with an 8 year old frozen embryo, so maybe like Whitney Houston or something.

The new season starts September 9th. We don't have to wait an entire year for it to be on again. I am a little nervous. If it isn't a summer show will it be ruined? Is this too much dancing for everyone?

Mia Michaels is by far my favorite choreographer. I love when she gets all emotional over a dance. I also love that she isn't some stick figure dancer. That woman has some booty. Clearly loving dance and life. Not that I think if you are thin you aren't happy. But there is something to be said about curves.

Regardless. I dig this site, Jib Jab, you can make really silly videos from your pictures. I have done it before. Kendall and Ethan cracked up at this one. They thought it was the best thing they have ever seen. I must have played it at least 60 times for them in one sitting. Tears come to Kendall's eyes.

So without further ado, Kendall and Ethan's audition tape for So You Think You Can Dance. I don't know, for some reason they didn't get on. I like a good disco, apparently Nigel didn't.

Check it out HERE

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mccayfamily said...

I tried to email back to you but it kept coming up as spam or something. Who knows what spyware Tim added to our computer now. Anyway we loved it too and Molly and Brynn watched it over and over and OVER AGAIN!!!!!