Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Nights

Every summer there is this event that takes place entitled, 'Musikfest.' It takes place about about 20 minutes from our home in the city of Bethlehem. Those of you that don't know Bethlehem, and think perhaps I am living in Israel, no, it is just a small city in Pennsylvania. They do boast a cheesiness factor and have a star that lights up on one of the hills every night for all to see, not just at Christmas, and one of the Hotel's in the city is named, Hotel Bethlehem. But no, this is not the birth place of Christ, and kings do not travel from afar to go there.

So anyway, for 10 days, part of the city shuts down to normal everyday comings and goings and large tents, stands, and stages are set up and just as the name, although misspelled for cultural value I suppose, implies, it is a MusicFestival. There are a number of different performers every night on I think maybe 4 stages and you just walk around part of the city and enjoy the tunes, take a look at what the vendors are showing, and my favorite part about it, is eat the food. I am not kidding when I say the food is that good.

We were driving there on the first night and it had started to rain. Andy actually suggested that perhaps we stop on the way there and get something to eat while the rain passes. What is he nuts? I looked at him like he just suggested that I go into the nearest home and ask what was for dinner. It was that foreign of an idea. Uh excuse me pal, I didn't not eat all day to stop at McDonald's. Nothing against McDonald's, I love myself a good value meal, but there is something about me that you should know. When I get to look forward to a meal, a particular meal, if it is not delivered I am at the highest point of annoyance my body can handle. I prepare myself all day for something I am going to eat that I know is going to be good. You have to save that appetite. Similar to Thanksgiving, if I liked Thanksgiving dinner. I am not much of a Turkey Dinner fan, so on this day, I do eat breakfast. But you might like Thanksgiving dinner and therefore can relate. All I wanted was a Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wrap, and nothing was going to stop me.

And I got that chicken wrap. And it was good. And it stopped raining.

My children enjoying their nutritious meal of corn dogs. There is tons of food there. I am not kidding you. You could gain like 50 pounds easily in those 10 days. Precisely why I just stick to one night. If I were to go every night for dinner, Andy would be renting a flat bed to get me home on the last night.

Frank eating a turkey leg. Lord only knows where they get that many giant turkey legs. But again, if you like a turkey dinner and also like to eat like a barbarian, you too may enjoy this leg.

Sticking to these kind of event menus, I think each festival has little challenges against other festivals entitled, 'What can you fry next?' Like: we just fried a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, what do you have on that? Yeah, well we just fried a hunk of cheesecake, back to you. Seriously, a hunk of cheesecake, since I am just like this and will pretty much ask anyone anything within reason, I asked a kid what he was munching on, and he confirmed it was fried cheesecake. I don't know, some people with heart conditions might just go into cardiac arrest at the sight of something like this.

One stand we passed was selling fried pickles, and our friend Brian decided to get some. I mean, really? Pickles? If he wanted to taste something different fried he couldn't have picked something up at, I don't know let's say the fried twinkie or oreo stand? In case you were wondering, they were gross. Think about it, warm pickles. Ethan LOVES pickles, so he could stomach these all for the taste of the pickle, me, not so much.

Here is another little interesting fact about Musikfest. The beverages. Each year its organizers decide on a design for their mugs. Here is the rules, if you want a beer, you have to have it in this mug. You can bring mugs from years past, but you have to have a Musikfest mug to purchase a beer. Like a secret little society. These mugs are the size of those giant coffee mugs you can get at Wawa. Is this necessary? I mean I get the whole beverages in a concealed, plastic, lidded container, but these things are really very awkward in size, and since when do we sip beer from a lid that is similar to a coffee mug lid? How about a mug that fits into a strollers cup holder. I realize that sounds even more oxymoronic, but I don't know, they are just big.

But I fight the large crowds, the inability to find a parking spot anywhere closer then a mile radius or more to the event,the awkward beer mugs, the counting of tickets, because also within the secret Musikfest society you have to purchase everything you eat or drink with these tickets, no cash. I shouted at my daughter over loud music in dark port-a-potties, 'If any part of your body touches anything in here Kendall, it will fall off.' I couldn't see, alright? This justifies the lying. I endured all of this for the music and the food.

My children, they love to dance. I mean I wonder where they get it from? I don't know, could it be that they have a mother that breaks out in song and dance in the car, or in the kitchen, or when jumping on the bed? Could be. It's either they get dance moves out of it or wonder why Mommy is so crazy. They are still young,so music playing loudly, with a good beat? You can't not move.
Kendall & her BFF Sarah moving it to some swing.

My children quite enjoyed the cuban band the best, and were so mad when we left them and their booty shaking music. Kendall shouted to me as she was dancing, 'Mommy, they don't make any sense, it's so silly!' She is just so cultural, right? Time for some lessons in diversity, and what better place then Musikfest? See, it was more then the food, I am not that much of a fatty, my children were experiencing different cultures. Learning experience.Get off my back.


Anonymous said...

really. it is the best time of year here in the lehigh valley!!!

polkadotmamaof2 said...

it was fun...
i love summer night activities, humidity and all.

Anonymous said...

me too.